The BreakDown : Santino Le Saint’s ‘No More Icons?’

The BreakDown : Santino Le Saint’s ‘No More Icons?’

24 year old Brixton Native Santino Le Saints most recent project ‘No More Icons?’ is a blend of flawless vocals, unwavering rock star energy and vulnerable storytelling. Fresh off of supporting 070 Shake on tour, Le Saint takes us through the locations, the people and life experiences laced within the sonics of the 7 track EP.

Wings of a Dove

Right now, ‘Wings of a Dove’ is my favourite track from the project. Though it changes as time goes on, this one really resonates with me and always has. I think it’s because of how and when it was written. I wrote it in my hotel in San Francisco when I was out there in July. I love how stripped back and honest this song is, one of my favourite I’ve ever written lyrically. A Well thought through, deep message with a simple delivery. 

Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell

I wrote this song with my boy Benji, a great guitarist. It was around the time we were making ‘beautiful disaster’ with Elevated and Tom, Benji’s brother. This was made in one of the sessions that Elevated and Tom couldn’t make and though the focus of the album was updated, energetic rock-fuelled RnB songs… we made this one as a one off. 

‘Beautiful disaster’ was originally meant to be called ‘Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell’ but things ended up changing so this song got left off and now it works perfectly on this project. The outro on this one is my favourite. Me and Benji finished the song and we’re meant to write a second verse but Tom and Elevated created the outro when we finally linked back up and the song was done. 

Say What You’re Gunna Say

I wrote ‘Say What You’re Gunna Say’ in France with my boys, producer duo ‘Manuka’ and David Dabieh (family, manager & Cloud X boss!). David’s girlfriend’s family were nice enough to let a group of us stay in their family house in the south of France and write music for few weeks in February 2022. We had a beautiful view of a river and bridge in the mountains near Beziers. I remember having alot fun writing this one. 


Me, David & Manuka also wrote this one in France. The thing I love about this one is that the whole song is a metaphor for a toxic relationship falling apart that you keep holding onto but we told the story in terms of how the world is burning yet we still continue to push and ignore all of the signs that we’re destroying ourselves and the world around us. Exactly what we do in those type of relationships, go down in flames!

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