SUBWAESTUDIOS [@subwaestudios] collaborates with WAHTC, creating a minimal capsule collection

SUBWAESTUDIOS [@subwaestudios] collaborates with WAHTC, creating a minimal capsule collection

SUBWAESTUDIOS founded by Akpo Christopher, from Ghana collaborates with Ghanaian brand WAHTC on a minimal plastic up-cycle capsule collection, named POLYTHENE. WAHTC prides itself with finely crafted pieces which portrays the aesthetic of nature and poetry. The aim of the partnership is to create awareness of plastic pollution in society. In addition to this both brands aim to push the vision of sustainability in fashion, by using waste plastic materials; inspired by market women and street hawkers.

As the Creative Director of SUBWAESTUDIOS tell us more about the brand?

“SUBWAESTUDIOS means storytelling unisex brand with aesthetic evolution, the brand is inspiration driven from it’s landscape,architecture and other art forms to define its silhouettes. SUBWAESTUDIOS in 3 words is Minimal,diverse and artistic.”

In what ways would you like to change the fashion industry?

“My job is to solve problems establish or re establish informations that people don’t really know exist. SUBWAESTUDIOS is about to present new ideas or re introduce new ways of design thinking.”

How important was it for you as a brand to collaborate with WAHTC?

“I’ve worked personally with the founder of WAHTC, a brand founded in 2018. I felt there was a need to collaborate with him because there’s always going to be someone that knows something you don’t and there’s something you know someone doesn’t therefore learning the value of sharing ideas and resources to create something that the market has not yet seen. I won’t just collaborate with a brand just because of its large following but target on social change, sustainability and problem solving is where I want to see SUBWAESTUDIOS.”

Who created the concept behind the minimal capsule collection and what was the purpose?

“The concept was created between the two brands starting from illustrations to campaign all worked on WhatsApp group chat between the two teams. We began working on this capsule since early 2020, we believe this is the right time to drop the collection.

Polythene is a minimal capsule collection which has been produced out of recycled plastic materials. For this collaboration we are using our voice to preach against plastic pollution in our society and pushing a vision of sustainability in fashion, creating values of waste materials. We were inspired by our market women and street hawkers during raining season in Ghana, you see them cover themselves and their stores or assets with Polythene to avoid the rain from beating them. We created a raincoat and shoe cover for raining season.”

Creative direction by Christopher Akpo and Selase Tsikudo
Styling by Kelly Acolor and Kevin Asare Brown
Photography by Jheytoocool