Sophia Thakur makes a case for Visiting Your Ex 

Sophia Thakur makes a case for Visiting Your Ex 

Gold teeth, car partnerships, monthly flights all around the globe to perform for the worlds leading brands, from BMW to Nike and back to back sold out shows across Europe. By her lifestyle alone, you may mistake Sophia Thakur for a rapper, but she has managed to build a truly impressive empire and somehow…all from poetry. Sophia has redefined what a Poet looks like in 2024 but stilll keeps it very very real. Shooting from the heart has landed her partnerships with Tiffanys, MINI, Nike’s Jordan and loads of other brands that pride themselves on storytelling and culture. You may ask ‘well, isn’t that all quite commercial for a poet? I assure you, after seeing Sophia Thakur perform live, that question will be more than answered. 

Sophia Thakur commands the stage with swan like grace and a voice as smooth as honey. She enchants rooms of thousands with her presence alone. But it’s her words that pull in the magic. Sophia Thakur’s words and stories remain powerful, potent and unmatched by anyone in her field. Audiences find themselves in her stories and often, they also heal themselves in them too. There’s a reason her shows sell out within a day, with people queuing up around venues in all weather, just to come and hear her speak. Sophia Thakur is a powerful force and her London Valentines event was testament to that. She brought us into this magical world of deep reds and smooth jazz. The perfect accompaniment to 45 minutes of love and all the stories it gives us. Sophia Thakur was joined on stage by her brother Latir (an incredible singer and producer), Summer Pearl and a full band including double bass and saxophone. She performed songs and poems about how our Love Languages are created from a young age and we simply grow into them. Her set included a reggae cover of ‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’ from Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill (who Sophia Thakur often gets compared to). But there was one piece that really stuck out for me, for its musical composition, her smooth performance and gripping yet risky storytelling of what happens when we give in to temptation, and go to see our ex. The poem rides a jazzy hip-hop beat composed by Sophia herself with the incredible band, and takes us on an extremely relatable journey of spinning the block and hopefully finding comfort in familiar arms.

Sophia Thakur plans to release the individual video recordings from the show in this unique ‘double love pack’ offering. The first and my favorite is out now! 

Watch here. Visiting My Ex

You can find Sophia on Instagram at @Sophiathakur 

Her band for the night 

Latir @princelatir 

Summer Pearl @iamsummerpearl  

Drums @cmcdrums 

Guitar @cashmoregeorge 

Piano @jkeys_official 

Double Bass @bass_man_zeeks 

Saxophone @adamisjackson  

Guitar @silverlined_solace