Shallipopi is Treading New Waters In ‘Shakespopi’

Shallipopi is Treading New Waters In ‘Shakespopi’

Benin City Native Shallipopi is an artist who’s name you’re more than likely to hear in any conversation surrounding fast rising stars from Africa. Carving his own non conforming, street infused lane within the infectious world of Amapiano, the artist has grown from strength to strength in the past two years. 

Most notably known for his hit riddled 2023 EP ‘Planet Pluto’ Shallipopi is back with his latest offering a 9 track project entitled ‘Shakespopi’. 

On first play, the project takes an unexpected turn from the artist’s usual tone. Most known for his lyrics outlining the unique experience of life within Benin city, its trials and tribulations – Shakespopi sees the artist take a lighter approach on songs such as ‘High Tension’ and ‘Billion’ – even singing on some tracks too and revelling in his success and journey to stardom.

The project’s opener ‘ASAP’ samples legendary Edo state musician Sir Waziri Oshomah and is a feel good nod to heritage the Shallipopi way – authentic rhymes and catchy hooks. It’s one of my favourites on the project and sets the tone nicely for the remaining eight songs. The accompanying video captures its essence perfectly : 

Between the tracks you can still hear the Shallipopi we’ve all grown to love. Still returning to the Amapiano infused tracks he’s known and loved for, ‘New Cat’ is another standout track snuck in within the last three songs. The beat is bumpy and filled with the energy we all love Amapiano for, yet seamlessly fused with jazzy elements from the smooth saxophone. 

All in all, Shakespopi is an interesting exploration of Shallipopi’s sound and growth as an artist. He provides a range of songs sprinkled with experimentation and heritage. Although not his strongest work – it will be exciting to see where he takes us from here.

Listen to the full project below: