Shahlaa Discovers [@ShahlaaTahira] X Guap – [@BoyNash ] Takeover

Shahlaa Discovers [@ShahlaaTahira] X Guap – [@BoyNash ] Takeover

I first met Boy Nash AKA Boy Nash Da Great when I seen him perform at the Allsortz Open Mic event in Richmix, Shoreditch. Although that was the first time me and Boy Nash had officially crossed paths, I previously had heard of his talent and music so I actually was approaching him as a secret fan. After chatting to Boy Nash I told him he reminded me of a UK Kendrick Lamar, which was interesting because he then confirmed he feels he has also been heavily influenced by J Cole. Who for the record is my favourite rapper of this generation, so its no surprise that I am highly recommending Boy Nash to your music collection. But don’t just take my word for it get to know more about the man behind the music in this extra special Boy Nash takeover…..


Describe your sound in 3 words.

Real, raw, lyrical

Why is music so important to you?

Music is important, it provides me with a sense of real freedom. It gives me a place to vent, and heal my pain. Music also gives me a sense of purpose. An adventure cause you never know what’s gonna happen. I mean music is life, every things got a rhythm or a beat, whether its irregular or regular. Also creativity is a part of me so I just enjoy it as well.

When you think about your biggest dreams, where does your mind take you?

My biggest dreams, I couldn’t even share that, they are like too big lol, like not in things like awards and stuff, I mean like changing lives, inspiring change. like to be real, half of the things we worry about don’t even matter. I would say my biggest dream would probably be happiness,  like proper happy not up and down. Living more healthier

Hindsight’s a bitch, what do you wish you could of learnt earlier?

I think I’m good, I have learnt what I needed to learn when I learnt it to be honest. so I cant really think that way to be fair. I learnt everything at the right time.

I like you man, where do I go to check out more?

Well I just dropped an E.P titled YMLK Part III Shackles which talks about barriers and challenge’s faced  by people in society.
The link is below and you can catch me on all socials @BoyNash I am more active Instagram tbf.

Spotlight Track:

October has been the month for new music in the UK Rap, Hip Hop and Grime scene. The list of projects this month is epic, but don’t get lost in the sauce, one project that you definitely want on your radar, is the latest from Boy Nash. Freshly dropping yesterday and available on all platforms, Boy Nash has released his much anticipated project….


Boy Nash carefully chose to drop YMLK Part III Shackles during Black History Month. Which speaks volumes for not only what the project is themed around but also Boy Nash’s flavour and style as he builds his brand in the UK Hip Hop and Rap scene.
YMLK Part III Shackles was produced by Tummy Wilson and mixed by Jayo who has production credits for Skrapz and Giggs. So there is no need to question the level of quality on this project,
Within the project Boy Nash aimed to focus on the obstacles and insecurities people face in today’s society and how they can overcome there battles. Second on the track list  ‘Shackles’ features Queen Ameen and it aims to explain why we are trapped as people. Queen Ameen’s powerful vocals sing the chorus “Take the shackles off of my Feet”. Combined with Boy Nash’s attack and a very lyrical Skippy flow, his lyrics hit hard “Trapped in the trap with the mandem the jungle is rammed I’m juggling for…..I woke up this morning from last night’s mourning Joseph my bredrin in got clawed by the warden”.
The Project also manages to delve into the physical shackles that many ethnic minorities in the UK face, which is prison. On the East fields Interlude featuring H Busy, Boy Nash talks about an individual who has no choice but to sell drugs on the street and the police want to keep him locked down. Boy Nash has said “This is one of my favourite tracks on the project.”
What Boy Nash has manged to achieve with YMLK Part III Shackles is a timeless and passionate musical narrative, that I guarantee you will soon become one of your favourites. Also the first single Freedom off the YMLK Part III Shackles project has already received air play on Reprezent radio, Pulse F.M, Westside radio and Déjà Vu F.M. So don’t be late start listening today!

Lets Go:

Boy Nash is going to be pretty busy this month!
This Thursday 19th October me and Boy Nash are teaming up as he will be headlining my first official #ShahlaaDiscovers After 8 Club night at Dogstar Brixton.
I’ve already seen his set rundown and I’m super excited to show you what he is going to bring to the stage, with some support from a few musical friends, this is going to be one performance you DON’T WANT TO MISS!
With live music performances and DJ sets taking over the London scene #ShahlaaDiscovers After 8 combines the best of both worlds and you can get online tickets at only 6 pounds each.
The full line up goes a little something like this :
Artists –
  • Boy Nash
  • JR James ft Peri X
  • Margin Kings
  • S.I.N.E

DJs –

  • Jeremiah Asiamah
  • Bamz
  • CassKidd
  • Noa Logan
So whether you want to see Boy Nash in the flesh or you just need a pre weekend vibe, #ShahlaaDiscovers After 8 is where you should be this Thursday for its debut club night. FYI Tickets are more on the door, so get an online one before they’re gone.
And if that wasn’t enough Nash for you, he will also be performing at the legendary Jazz Café on the 20th December alongside an impressive line up, including; Kojo The Comedian, Moelogo, and Dionne Reid.
Remember you heard it here first!
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