[@santinolesaint] Live at Earth Hackney: an intimate ode to rock

[@santinolesaint] Live at Earth Hackney: an intimate ode to rock

There is a sense that even in such a spacious venue like the Earth, Santino Le Saint can truly make the crowd feel like they’re on stage with him–as he intimately serenades the front row with rock-fueled instrumentals over r&b ballads. Check out some photos from the striking performance below.

Supported by INFAMOUSIZAK and Scuti, the set crescendos with a performance of his brand new track ‘Paranoia’, conjuring a collective sway from the crowd as he shares with the audience the internal battles he has penned into his lyricism, communicated through his boundless vocal range.

While there is a celebration of the old and new, the night was about looking forward to what marks a new era for Le Saint and his future in music. With last year’s debut album ‘Beautiful Disaster’ being a narration of his journeys through fear and darkness to new-found joy and reconciliation. And of course, one final encore was given as Santino brought the show to a close after a stellar performance of his new song “Paranoia”.

If you haven’t already, tune into Santino’s ‘Beautful Disaster‘ below.

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