RE UP – THE RECENT RELEASES YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO ft. [@urgirlpritt], [@downtownkayoto], [@iamodeal] + more

RE UP – THE RECENT RELEASES YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO ft. [@urgirlpritt], [@downtownkayoto], [@iamodeal] + more

We’ve been away again – (this time at DLT Malta) but we’re back with some fresh new releases for you to sink your teeth into.


The ever-enchanting BODUR hops on another futuristic, menacing record. The track is perfect for those who love something experimental. Press play when you need a confidence boost.

Mahalia, JoJo – CHEAT

UK R&B princess Mahalia teams up with R&B legend, JoJo for this up-tempo track about infidelity. With the infectious hook and assertive verses from both leading ladies in R&B, this is definitely a hit.

Rio Rainz – nirvana

Across ambient production, the softness of Rio Rainz vocals juxtaposes his rap later in the track. With an eye for detail in his lyricism, he paints a clear picture of his memories and experiences.

Kaien Cruz – I Lay

Kaien Cruz’s latest single is summery and vivid in it’s production that takes clear inspiration from Afropop and R&B as they merge the two genres together. The lyrics make you feel just as good as the production in the easygoing, carefree nature on the track.

Bloody Civilian – Anger Management EP

Bloody Civillian’s debut EP is a fierce force of nature. Her lyricism cuts like knives over the Afrobeats and Amapiano inspired production. Her vocals are smooth and enthralling.

J Hus, Drake – Who Told You

With summer officially underway, this is the strongest contender so far for the song of the summer. Riding the Afrobeats influenced rhythms, J Hus and Drake’s verses make for the perfect lyrics and flows to shake a leg to.

Tay Iwar – Summer Breeze EP

Tay Iwar’s fusion of R&B and Afrobeats feel like the warmth on your face from the sun during summer. Guaranteed to get you dancing, his string of features on the record elevates the EP and his alte sound.

Yiiga, Josie Man – Make It Right

Yiiga and Josie Man hop on this fun instrumental that has hints of garage and pop. Both vocalists have really heavenly vocals which complement each other on this track full of wishful thinking, pleading for their partners to do better.

Amaarae – Fountain Baby (Album)

Amaarae’s sophomore album is a sensational summer vibe. Her angelic vocals ride every wave of Afrobeats fused production with flavour and flair.

D Wills – Bangdadang

D Wills is just as much of a menace as the beat on his latest tune. His cadence is gritty and his energetic flow helps to spit his wicked bars. This is the song you play when you step into the motive.

Allyson – My Dear

Neo-soul has never sounded sweeter. Allyson’s luscious vocals float over the glorious keys and jazz-tinged harmonies. Her vocal range is impeccable as she gets in her feelings through riffs and runs.

nizforeva – THETA

nizforeva’s latest offering is fun and melodic, one you play with the windows down to catch the summer breeze in the middle of the night. The beat’s gonna have you dancing at the function, and his vocals just melt right onto it.

Odeal, brazy – Be Easy

Odeal teams up with brazy while sampling her hit ‘Attends’, breathing fresh life into the hit and creating a new alte that has really subtle hints of Amapiano amongst the bouncy production. Odeal’s alluring vocals steal the show while brazy’s iconic chorus is cemented into the production of the track.

Amethyst – Blue

The breezy guitar riffs and cosy, contemporary R&B production provide Amethyst with the perfect landscape to pour her heart out. Definitely one we can all resonate with, she croons about the despair of a heartbreak.

Downtown Kayoto – LITE

Tapping into his rap bag, Downtown Kayoto proves his versality on his latest track. Keeping that edge that he’s known for, he combines his bars with futuristic production that slowly gets increases in speed throughout.

Full Crate – A Kid From Yerevan (Album)

Full Crate’s debut album is packed full to the brim with complementary collaborations but it’s truly his production and vocals that are the star of the show. The production on it draws from a variety of genres and his smooth vocals are the perfect instrument for him to reflect on his experiences throughout his multicultural upbringing.

PHABO, Arin Ray – Stay

Two R&B kings link up for this collab – PHABO and Arin Ray’s vocals compliment each other so well, their harmonies just melt into each other. PHABO’s seductive singing meets Arin Ray’s silky voice as they plea for their woman to stay.

Ricardo Gold – live in the flesh

Something about Ricardo Gold’s latest single is haunting and gritty as his razor-sharp cadence flows across the hellish beat. The track is about those “bad online, quiet in real life” people you’ve got beef with, as he encourages them to meet him “live in the flesh”.

Fred Wave – LA LA

Fred Wave’s rich vocals follow the cascading drum and bass instrumental. It feels like the cool breeze that hits you on a hot summer’s day.

Dabieh, Niels – somebody to love.

Dabieh and Niels get together to get everyone dancing. The funky production provides the perfect backdrop for their R&B vocals to intertwine.


Infidelity never sounded so sweet as BLK ODYSSY and KIRBY team on this smooth, sensual track about when you want each other bad but you’re both taken. They’ve even interpolated Erykah’s Badu ‘Next Lifetime’ to emphasise the feeling.

Sofi de la Torre, PHABO – 4 Sure Sure

This soft, slow-moving duet between Sofi de la Torre and PHABO helps you celebrate you and your partner. Their smooth vocals collide on the minimal, shifting production.

Brivon – Whatever Happens, Happens (Project)

Brivon’s R&B vocals glide over the texture in production on her latest project. Making her mark on the R&B landscape, her luscious voice is comforting as she explores various themes.

J Hus – It’s Crazy

He’s back. Grittier than ever, his cadence glides over the mellow production. His bars are hard-hitting just like his delivery. J Hus – we missed you and we’re so glad you’re back. Streets weren’t the same without him.


With shape-shifting, trance-like production, BODUR and Denzel Himself have made an incredibly thought-provoking track about toxic masculinity. BODUR’s enchanting vocals are juxtaposed by Denzel’s jagged flow.

Gao the Arsonist – GUNSLINGER

Gao the Arsonist’s latest track is eerie and menacing – this one’s for you if you’re a fan of the emerging underground alt music scene in the UK. Experimenting with various vocal stylings and a plethora of intricate sounds from a haunting ambience to jazz-tinged keys, Gao’s onto a winner with his latest track.

Pritt – Kalaam

Pritt and dilushelva delve into Pritt’s Tamil culture using a South Asian singing technique called Carnatic singing which evokes tranquillity and peace. Her voice glides over dilushelva’s harmonious production.

Mysie – PLAY

Experimenting with Jersey Club drum patterns, MYSIE’s latest is a playful hit. Connecting with her inner child on this joyful track, her hypnotising flow oscillates between various vocal styles.

Essosa – Waste My Time

Essosa’s taken a timeless approach to her latest R&B track. Her mesmerising melodies combine with drum heavy R&B production. Reminiscent of R&B legends like SWV and Aaliyah, she’s offered a fresh take on nostalgia.

DEJA – Gagged

Confident DEJA is back with her new single, a combination of pop, dance and Afrobeats, which is the life of the party. Perfect for boosting your self-esteem, this is definitely a song you should play for when you want all eyes on you.

Miller Blue – 4 Degrees of Separation EP

Miller Blue’s smooth eight-track EP explores the phases of a relationship. It encapsulates all the feels you experience over instrument-focused production, from start to finish.

Mnelia – Closure Tapes

Mnelia’s latest EP perfectly captures the essence of R&B. Her sweet melodies and heartfelt lyricism create fresh yet classic R&B. Her harmonies and adlibs help to create vocal texture that graces the smooth sailing production.

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