2023 is proving to be a phenomenal year for music, it gets better every week. Here are the recent releases you check out this week.

Brian Nasty, Natanya – Loso Na Madesu

This jazz and bossa nova fused track feels like happiness. Brian Nasty’s vocals feel breezy and carefree, weaving in and out of the rhythmic production with ease. The twang of Natanya’s British accent adds a bit of character to her Neo-soul vocals. Their harmonies are stunning, the song feels like being outside in the summer time.


KAM-BU pleads for some ‘SPACE’ over a wicked jungle beat that slowly builds before an epic drop. With memorable bars like “Spill Don Julio / I’m only drinking Wray” and his punchy cadence, SPACE is a party-starter sure to get stuck in your head.

Odeal, Dayo Bello – Outside

The reverb on the piano provides the perfect backdrop for Dayo Bello and Odeal to beautifully collide on this love letter of a track. Dayo Bello’s breezy vocals contrast with Odeal’s smooth, rich tone which creates the perfect sonic balance, especially when they harmonise.

KAYTRAMINÉ, Pharrell Williams – 4EVA

A Pharrrell Williams feature is the perfect way to kick of this upcoming collaborative from Kaytranada and Aminé. Kaytranada’s house beats provide the perfect sonic playground for Aminé to rap and have fun with it. Pharrell’s chorus add a tinge of nostalgia and you can hear various of his signature 2000s elements in the production.

Darkoo, Ayra Starr – Disturbing U

Ayra Starr and Darko embark on this journey of protecting their peace on an infectious Afrobeats rhythm. “Why is my happiness disturbing you?” they ask the haters. It’s like putting up your middle finger with a smile and asking the person who’s bothered by you why exactly they’re bothered, forcing them to take a look within.

James Bambu – Fed Up

Acoustic guitar provides a mellow space for James Bambu to pour his heart out. When the drums kick in, his voice dances in the space of the beat, riding the rhythm with ease. And while he is speaking on unrequited love, he’s standing his ground and no longer willing to put up with the person’s behaviour.

House of EL, Sækyi – Pull Up

Sækyi’s flow on House of EL’s production is relaxed but still packs a bit of a punch. The drum-heavy beat is lined with funky bass and the xylophone atop of it creates an instrumental harmony.

Deja – ONE

With enticing Afropop rhythm and confidence bursting at the seams, ‘One’ by DEJA is definitely an anthem for the girls that can hold their own. Bossing it in life and need a soundtrack? This is the one for you, it’s playful and fun yet self-affirming at the same time.

p-rallel, Tamera, Toddla T – I’m So High

Evoking UK club banger nostalgia, p-rallel, Tamera and Toddla T team up for a dance hit. Tamera’s proved her versatility on this track, managing to capture the raspiness you tend to hear in a lot of vocals on throwback club tunes. You can hear how p-rallel’s signature house vibes combine with familiar club rhythms provided by Toddla T.

Mar!k – Nintendo

Think lo-fi jazz drill and the smartest wordplay you’ve ever heard. A gorgeous sax lingers in the background and sound effects from various Mario games as Mar!k spits intelligently, referencing Mario games continuously with a suave cadence and smooth vocals.

KamiKwazi, Solaariss – Sondela

‘Sondela’ combines heartfelt R&B vocals with the serotonin-boosting sounds of Amapiano. KamiKwazi’s smooth vocals glide over the upbeat, intricate production courtesy of Solaariss. It’s perfect for warm summer motives and warm sunsets.


Mahalia’s establishing her ‘Terms and Conditions’ on this cleverly written R&B track. It’s assertiveness is juxtaposed by her soft, angelic vocals in the first half of the track. It’s imminent she knows her worth and isn’t willing to settle for less and you can hear it when she comes harder on the second verse.