Re Up: The latest new releases that we’re feeling this week featuring [@Bhumbleofficial], [@Tamera], [@ShaSimone], [@Bel.Cobain], [@EnnyIntegrity] & more 

Re Up: The latest new releases that we’re feeling this week featuring [@Bhumbleofficial], [@Tamera], [@ShaSimone], [@Bel.Cobain], [@EnnyIntegrity] & more 

We’ve got some of the latest releases you need to get into this week – tap in! 

Rema – Trouble Maker

Born from facing constant criticism throughout his career, Trouble Maker is Rema’s way of reclaiming the title placed on him by the scrutiny of fans. It’s the perfect track to warm you up for his sold out O2 Arena show tomorrow.

BHUMBLE – Original

Irish-born, London-based multi-genre artist BHUMBLE has returned to the scene with his latest single ‘Original’. BHUMBLE’s vocals shine on this Afro-R&B-inspired single. This SPARBZ-produced single shows off BHUMBLE’s unique flow and lyrical ability to tell stories effortlessly. 

Bel Cobain – Unlikely

Bel Cobain’s new single ‘Unlikely’ is a beautiful Jazz/Drum and Bass single. Written on a life-changing and paranormal trip to Mexico last year, Bel picked up a guitar and the hypnotic bassline and lyrics for ‘Unlikely’ began to pour out of her. The poignant lyrics reflect on what Bel experienced throughout the trip and how Mexico’s indigenous people have been affected by the system they live in. ‘Unlikely’ combines the timeless essence of Jazz with a fresh and invigorating twist combined with lively rhythms and punchy melodies. 

Baby Panna – Sober

Baby Panna’s latest single ‘Sober’ is a hard-hitting rap track filled with thought-provoking lyrics on a simple yet complex beat. Baby Panna delivers with his signature flow. 

Danni Tesfay – Believe In Love

Danni Tesfay is a spellbinding new voice resonating through the UK R&B scene right now. Her latest single ‘Believe In Love’ is a masterful blend of heartfelt and healing R&B. The British-Eritrean singer/songwriter delivers a poignant message for cautious yet courageous lovers. This Likklejay-produced track is wrapped in soulful melodies and relatable lyrics that speak on love’s universal ups and downs. 

Enny featuring Smino – Charge It Remix 

Soulful, truth-talking rapper Enny has teamed up with American rapper Smino on the remix of her popular single ‘Charge It’, taken from her 2023 EP ‘We Go Again’. Enny signature style is on display while Smino brings a new flair to the already incredible single. 

Joe James – G-LAY

Joe James has returned with his latest single ‘G-LAY’. This upbeat, rap single is filled with hard-hitting production and catchy lyrics, making ‘G-LAY’ such an infectious track. This Jen Muller-produced track gives Joe James the space to shine. 


KABEAUSHE has returned to the scene with a new album ‘HOLD ON TO DEER LIFE, THERE’S A BLCAK BOY BEHIND YOU!’ This mixtape is filled with an eccentric mix of sounds and witty lyrics. Produced by KABEAUSHE, this mixtape is a reflection of his signature style. 

Kfromkway – The Scars You Can’t See (Mixtape) 

Rising rapper Kfromkway has finally released his debut mixtape ‘The Scars You Can’t See’. the 22-year-old artist showcases his genre-blending approach and clear lyrical integrity on this mixtape. A mixtape speaking on tales of self-reflection, love, growth and development, the rising star delivers vivid images of youth culture and the tension between his artistic success and the inner-city pressures that can alter his reality. The lead track on this mixtape ‘ABEEN’ is filled with menacing drill sounds. With a range of vibrant Afro-inspired sounds to R&B, Kfromkway’s debut mixtape marks him as one of the most exciting young artists on the scene right now.

Lord Apex – The Good Fight (Album)

Lord Apex has released his anticipated new album ‘The Good Fight’. Boasting a wide range of immaculately produced tracks, this album features thrilling production from one of America’s most coveted rap producers, Madlib as well as production from DJ Khalil, Angus Luke, Pops & Crooklin, Black Noi$e and Earbuds. ‘The Good Fight’ includes features from BONES, Freddie Gibbs, MAVI and Greentea Peng. 

Libby – Do No Wrong

Rising star Libby has released her single ‘Do No Wrong’. This Oscar Scheller-produced single is filled with breezy production which is the perfect foundation for Libby’s soft, smooth vocals. 

Marci – Stop

Marci has returned with her extremely catchy, expertly crafted pop masterpiece ‘Stop’. This track speaks about constant yet addictive thoughts that get stuck in your head. 

Meduulla – Night Trip

Manchester-born rapper Meduulla has returned with her latest single ‘Night Trip’. Laced with mellow rhythms and bright-eyed percussion, ‘Night Trip’ is a passionate love letter detailing an exciting pursuit of true love. This Ethan Hill-produced track is bursting with warm, retro-filled samples and an infectious soundscape. Meduulla’s smooth cadence and effortless storytelling perfectly capture that 90s R&B sounds. ‘Night Trip’ is taken off her forthcoming EP titled ‘Oblongata’ dropping on the 22nd November. 

Mutomba – Conditional (EP)

Mutomba has returned to the scene with his latest EP ‘Conditional’. Soothing sounds fill this five-track EP with features from OB THE POET and Syar. 

Matthew Progress – Digital Underground

Matthew Progress has released his Alt-R&B/Soul single ‘Digital Underground’. This track is filled with a a blend of different sounds, which speaks to Matthew’s unique style. This Dan Only-produced track, is such an easy listen. 

Milan Ring – Mangos 

Milan Ring’s latest release ‘Mangos’ is an embodiment of Milan’s new era. This hot single is wrapped in feelings of desire, reminiscent of the summertime. 

N8tive – FLAVA 

N8tive’s latest single takes us back in time to New York 90s Hip Hop sounds. The Jaykae-produced single is the perfect foundation for N8tive’s lyrical ability to shine. 

Oussoum – J’adore & Tsunami

Reunion-Cameroonian artist Oussoum has returned with a two-single pack ‘J’adore’ and ‘Tsunami’. Teaming up with producer MADEINPARRIS and Afro-R&B artist M Brown, ‘Tsunami’ is a blend of both Oussoum and M Brown’s signature styles. 

Offica – Yoruba Flow

Ireland’s very own Drill prodigy Offica has outdone himself on his latest track ‘Yoruba Flow’. Sampling Notable Nigerian Fuji artist Adewale Ayuba’s 2007 hit ‘Ijo Fuji A’, Office seamlessly blends the Fuji sounds with his own unique Drill style. 

Odeal – Fine By Myself

Straight off the back of his last single ‘You, The World Vs Me’ released last week, Odeal has returned with another new single ‘Fine By Myself’. It’s no surprise that Odeal is gifting fans with another new release this month as fans know that November (coined Ovmbr) is a month close to his heart, filled with lots of celebrations. ‘Fine By Myself’ speaks on the emotional journey Odeal is on, gradually coming to terms with the fact that the relationship he was in may not have been the best choice for him. Even though he chants ‘Fine By Myself’ throughout the song, he uses these words to mask his true feelings. 

Shallipopi – Presido La Pluto (Album) 

Nigerian artist and trendsetter Shallipopi has released his highly anticipated debut album ‘Presido La Pluto’. After the release of his Summer hit ‘Elon Musk’ and single ‘Ex Convict’, Shallipopi has teamed up with industry heavyweights from across the African continent Odumodublvck., Focalistic and Tekno, this album is filled with infectious sounds that you won’t be able to stop listening to. 

SoLonely – Out Of My Way 

SoLonely has released his deep, soulful record ‘Out Of My Way’. His vocals shine on this Oliver Heinanen-produced track. 

ShaSimone – I Know You Wanna 

British-Ghanaian rapper/songwriter ShaSimone has returned with her latest single ‘I Know You Wanna’. Her versatile vocals and skillful wordplay are on display on ‘I Know You Wanna’. Filled with a tantalising mix of sensuality and cheekiness while weaving a narrative that dances on the edge of flirtation, ShaSimone’s delivery and addictive blend of Hip Hop make this the perfect listen. 


Safesp8ce has returned with her latest single ‘THEY ALL DIE IN THE END’. Known as the genre-bending fairy, Safesp8ce does just that on this multi-genre track. 

Tamera – L.I.T. (Lost In Translation) – EP

After over a year of self-discovery and reflection, Tamera has returned with her second EP ‘L.I.T (Lost In Translation). With one feature from Nigerian superstar CKay, this EP shows Tamera’s artistic growth over the last few years. 

Tierra Whack – Chanel Pit 

Philadelphia native Tierra Whack has returned to the scene with her theatrical, contemporary rap single ‘Chanel Pit’. This Nick Verruto-produced single shows Tierra Whack in her zone lyrically. 

The Silhouettes Project – That’s Nice 

The Silhouettes Project has teamed up with Asher Kosher, Deema and Jkarri on their latest single ‘That’s Nice’. This Jazz-infused single is such a great listen. 


Brooklyn native Talia Goddess has returned to the scene with her latest EP ‘DOWN 2 EARTH’. This EP is a sonic, spiritual and cultural project that will connect you to your higher self. 

Taloula – The Evolution Of Taloula II – T.E.O.T. II (Album) 

After the release of B.I.W.F, Taloula has returned to the scene with her debut album ‘The Evolution Of Taloula II’. This new album is an ode to the early 2000s R&B sound. The lead track ‘Time Is Medicine’ sees Taloula effortlessly glide on top of heavy basslines and jazz-infused percussion. Her storytelling gives us insight into her past hardships that left her in confusion, while a deep-rooted perception allows time to heal and grow her spirit. 

WESLEE – What It Feels Like 

LA-based duo Weslee has returned with their latest single ‘What It Feels Like’. This track begins gently with lush guitars and ethereal backing harmonies. The heavy bassline along with the lush vocals by Emma DD add a depth of emotion to this single. 

Zion B – Pull Up 

Zion B’s latest single ‘Pull Up’ is such a catchy single. This Alex Larsson-produced track is the perfect beat for Zion B’s flow and delivery. 

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