R.A.E [@itsr_a_e] & Friends Host Roundtable to Talk Mental Health, Imposter Syndrome & More with Reebok #ALWAYSCLASSIC

R.A.E [@itsr_a_e] & Friends Host Roundtable to Talk Mental Health, Imposter Syndrome & More with Reebok #ALWAYSCLASSIC

R.A.E hosted a roundtable discussion with a few friends to talk about mental health, Imposter Syndrome and more. Sponsored by Reebok, the event is a part of the brand’s renewed mission to assimilate their iconic Always Classic designs with their lineage.

In Reebok’s latest campaign “Always Classic” paying homage to its rich heritage, the sports brand decided to host a much-needed roundtable discussion surrounding mental health and the hurdles one can run into as an artist in music. Specifically how we can rid ourselves of that little pesky creature that resides in many minds known as imposter syndrome.

Shot By Cameron Ugbodu

The discussion will be led by one of the greatest advocates for self-love, R.A.E, who has just released the aptly titled “Imposter” in February. Along with a few of her friends (Jords, Mysie, Shaé Universe), they delved into the importance of bringing this conversation to the fore and what we can do to banish these unremitting thoughts.

Talking about the recently released single R.A.E explains what Imposter syndrome means to her: “The feeling of believing you are not worthy of certain opportunities or your position in your career because of how you achieved it, as well as sly comments from others, can leave a negative effect on your mental health. I wrote ‘Imposter’ as I dealt with Imposter Syndrome heavily, from such a young age as well. I wanted to show people who are also dealing with Imposter Syndrome that you are not alone. This song is for the people. This song is the truth, straight from the heart.”

The collection in question aims to incorporate Reebok’s iconic classic leather and the timeless designs that have transcended much of the brand’s lineage. Reebok’s mission focuses on the potentiality of time and perseverance within their products. Dedicating much of their ethos to empowering others to chase their dreams and be whoever they want to be, the new campaign unveils a striking hero film that sees various talents share their unique and touching stories.

Provide yourself with some TLC and listen to R.A.E’s “Imposter” below.