PREMIERE: Khalil Madovi – FEELING ALIVE [@KhalilMadovi]

PREMIERE: Khalil Madovi – FEELING ALIVE [@KhalilMadovi]

Khalil Madovi exclusively Premiers his ‘FEELING ALIVE’ music video on GUAP.

You may already be familiar with the name Khalil Madovi having previously graced our childhood TV screens as Josh Carter in CBBC’s 4’Oclock Club. Now 24 and deep in his music bag, Madovi premieres the music video for the first single on his Upcoming EP ‘A Cold Hearted Summer’. Watch ‘FEELING ALIVE’ exclusively on GUAP and get to know the multifaceted artist below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself – who are you and what do you do?

I’m Khalil Madovi, I’m a 24 year old artist, producer, actor, visionary, everything man. I just like to deliver ideas to people and like to give people experiences.

Today we’re premiering the music video for your single ‘FEELING ALIVE’. What is the idea behind this video?

The song is called ‘FEELING ALIVE’, it’s the first single on my EP which is called ‘A Cold Hearted Summer’. FEELING ALIVE is a song about having gone to a deep dark place in life – similar to hitting rock bottom –  but it’s that moment when something switches and you begin to be on the ascent again. There’s connotations of resurrection, new life, rebirth and it’s just a hip hop banger. The video follows three versions of myself that speak to three different types of energies in that zone of rebirth and resurrection. It’s connected to a video I put out last month called ‘CONFLICT’. In my videos I tend to tell stories through these characters that reflect different facets or elements of the story that the song is telling. 

You recently also dropped a visual for your song ‘CONFLICT’ which was just as amazing. How would you describe your approach to creating your music visuals?

When it comes to visuals it’s funny because obviously I’m a music guy but I would actually say that I’m a visual communicator. The way that I think, work, operate and like to express myself is led by a very visual approach whether the output is visual or not. Even the way I approach music is very visual and that’s one of the reasons that I do music the way I do it – why I produce and I compose the way I do. When it comes to the specifics of that approach and being able to craft that visual language – I’ll know the feeling of the song, I’ll find a bunch of reference images, quotes and themes just to get a feel of what the overall visual output may be and then I’ll try to craft a narrative out of that.

From last year till now you’ve been dropping great singles consistently, so tell us when we can expect a project from you and what we should expect from it?

I’ve been telling people it’ll be the project of the year – that’s because it’ll be the project of the year. So you can expect bangers, the deepest of emotional resonance, versatility, beautiful production, beautiful songwriting, bars and beautiful visuals. I’m not missing anything.

You also do a lot of music production work as well as writing, directing, hosting events and more. Where do you find your inspiration and how do you translate that into everything you do?

For me I find inspiration from everyday life and lived experiences – I always draw from those. As an artist I feel I have a responsibility to give the best that I can with my ability. I want my art to heal people, for people to be able to escape and really deeply connect with what I do. In order to do that I think I have to be genuine and human because that’s how we find the grounds that we all connect on. 

Being from London and Manchester you’re probably able to tap into both music scenes – how do they differ and what are your opinions on the UK underground music scene as a whole?

Shout Out the 0161. London is obviously a lot more saturated which is good and bad because it means that there’s so much opportunity here but also a lot of competition. When it comes to underground music in London, there’s so much talent. I feel like Manchester is in a super exciting place right now too. Over the past few years there’s been a new push and energy behind what people in Manchester are and always have been doing. There’s stupid talent up there – some of my faves : Manny & Frank ,obviously Aitch and Iamddb.

If you don’t wan’t to miss the ‘best project of the year’ be sure to keep up with Khalil on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

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