Photographer Arron Watson-McNab Captures London’s Sneaker Community Through Project [@facesplaceslaces]

Photographer Arron Watson-McNab Captures London’s Sneaker Community Through   Project [@facesplaceslaces]

Photographer Arron Watson-McNab started a project venturing into London’s sneaker community, The project titled FacesPlacesLaces explores the connection between people and footwear. 

FacesPlacesLaces depicts the marriage between people, their footwear and the pavement it steps on. This project delves deep into the inspiration behind individual’s footwear choice and how this alone, can provide an insight into a person, their community and aesthetic. As a self-proclaimed “sneakerhead”, this project follows the passions of London-based photographer Arron Watson-McNab; connecting the different components of sneaker culture throughout different urban environments.

Interested in hearing stories from subcultural groups, we spoke to Aaron about how his passion for photography began and how FacesPlacesLaces came to life. He gave us some insight into his world and told us more about London’s sneaker community.

I purchased my first camera to document my journeys while working in America for a few months, it was then that I began to experiment the infinite ways to capture your surroundings. The fact that a single object can be shot a 1000 different ways was my main attraction to photography.  

 After a year or so of shooting once I returned home, I took time to go through my work noticing a pattern. My existing work was composed of people, locations and my passion…footwear, leading to the name Faces, places, laces.

While the project was still not a thought, I continue to experiment with portraits, landscapes and getting creative with footwear photography. This opened up an avenue into the London sneaker community, as I began to shoot at events which introduce me to likeminded individuals.

Thus the idea was birthed. The community has been growing for years but there was no centralised documentation of scene that gives a voice to the people that are apart of it. Through a series of portraits I intend to share the scenes connection with footwear by asking one simple question, “if you could keep one pair, what would it be?”. This alone delves into the value sneakers can hold, whether it how you got them, the people you met because of the shoe or the feeling it gave…the stories give insight into what makes this community special.

To see more and keep up with Arron’s project check out his website