ON OUR RADAR : SIE [@itsmepevensie]

ON OUR RADAR : SIE [@itsmepevensie]

WHO: SIE [@itsmepevensie]



HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR MUSIC: I think that my music is more of a feeling than a sound sometimes. It’s calm, it’s peace, it’s empathy, even anger at times but, in an audible and (hopefully) relatable form. I can perceive my music one way but, putting it out into the world allows others to perceive it how their emotions and mind decides and I see that now. Multiple perceptions add depth and I appreciate that too since, there’s never a solidified answer of how you’re meant to feel when you hear my music. That’s why I’d describe it as unique because for every new listen, a new unique perception is born.

I recently came across SIE on TikTok. The formula of pairing miscellaneous videos of trees and sunsets or friends dancing with unreleased tracks and text captions has become popular on the app. It’s easy to scroll past, but once you hear the softly stacked harmonies and soothing R&B beats of SIE you’d be wrong to let it pass without listening further.

Her first official single ‘mama’s little girl’ (hate the world)’ sees her unravel the complexities of life from the perspective of her younger self. Coming to terms with the turmoil and setbacks that will inevitably reach us all at some point in life is something we can all relate to. With lyrics like ‘darling I ain’t trying to make you sad, life ain’t no fairy tale, you will know very well’ Sie effortlessly outlines the sometimes daunting feeling that life may not be all that it seems.

Although Mama’s Little Girl is Sie’s first official track on Spotify, the artist has equally as beautiful tracks on Soundcloud – one of my favourites being a reimagination of East London Native Tendai’s ‘Lately’. Her TikTok is also laced with small nuggets of poetic and hauntingly soothing R&B teasers vulnerably unravelling the qualms of life – from heartbreak , love and loss to humility identity and understanding.

She’s on our radar and should be in yours too.