ON OUR RADAR: the soulfully sweet PopnB world of Äyanna [@ayanna]

ON OUR RADAR: the soulfully sweet PopnB world of Äyanna [@ayanna]

Äyanna is an artist who brings all the Pop/R&B vibes with her soulful voice and nostalgic music videos, and she’s here to show everyone just what she is about.

East Londoner Äyanna comes from a background of performing arts & theatre and was always surrounded by an array of music like gospel, R&B, 70s pop, and so much more. Music has always been in her, and the social media app TikTok was a place where she could share it. Äyanna started posting beautiful short covers on TikTok that people were loving and obsessing over. When she wasn’t singing, she was writing, so it comes as no surprise to later find out that she helped to write Stormzy’s beautiful single ‘Hide & Seek’ and even did vocals for it. If you’ve ever wondered who was beautifully singing the bridge for ‘Hide & Seek’, it’s her.

Äyanna’s stunning soulful vocals not only caught the attention of rapper Stormzy but also caught the attention of LVRN—an American record label that has signed the likes of Summer Walker, Davido, and many more. East Londoner Äyanna became one of the first UK artists to be signed to LVRN, with that only being the start of many exciting things coming her way. Not long after that, she released her single ‘Girlfriend’ on the 21st of June 2023, “a lover girl anthem” that’s accompanied by a fun and whimsical video. 

Her latest single, ‘Say You Love Me,’ released on the 9th of August 2023, starts with Äyanna’s sweet, wispy harmonies as she sings, ‘You should tell me you love me’. Listening to the song takes you back to that warm, giddy feeling of falling in love with someone, with the music video only adding to the sentiments of the song. Äyanna released her debut EP, In A Perfect World, on September 13th, 2023—a world that will have you lost in the nostalgia of her feelings.

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