On Our Radar: Taloula [@Taloula_Music] 

On Our Radar: Taloula [@Taloula_Music] 

WHO: Taloula [@TaloulaMusic]


WHERE: East London 

East London based singer, songwriter and producer Taloula is known for her euphoric musicality. The rising star has a wealth of singles to her name including ‘Danger’ and ‘M3TAMORPHIN’ which gained the attention of COLOURSXSTUDIOS, New Wave Magazine and BBC Introducing London. 

Taloula’s artistry is a blend of all the sounds she has come across. Developing her sound and talent in the music scene in Paris, France, Taloula found a home in London. She finally discovered a more authentic approach that gave her a sense of freedom. Her debut EP ‘The Evolution Of Taloula’, gained critical acclaim across the spectrum from CLASH to Mixtape Madness. Taloula continues to show her musical prowess with her latest single ‘B.I.W.F’. this single is a nod to the early 2000s. 

Speaking on this euphoric R&B single, Taloula mentions: “B.I.W.F. is a reflection of personal empowerment and a call for others to find their strength and voice. I hope to offer a relatable and inspiring narrative for others who may be struggling to find their own voices, encouraging people to break through their fears and express themselves confidently. I hope also to resonate with women who are seeking to overcome their insecurities and societal pressures. It’s a reminder that they’re not alone in their struggles.” 

With her forthcoming debut album fast approaching and a successful show at the iconic Jazz Cafe under her belt, Taloula is one of the most exciting talents making a name in the R&B landscape. 

She’s on our radar and she sould be on yours too!

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