ON OUR RADAR: Paulade [_paulade]

ON OUR RADAR: Paulade [_paulade]

WHO: Paulade [_paulade]


WHERE: South East London  

Paulade, an up-and-coming singer has crept up and stolen the hearts of RnB lovers all around the world. It’s no wonder he was the Spotify cover for Alternative RnB, with people describing his latest single, ‘As Days Go By’, as one “for the RnB lovers” which couldn’t be more right after listening to it. 

He might not have an extensive amount of information about him on socials, but his dreamy and deep passion-infused vocals say more than enough for the talented star. His Instagram is full of fun life moments and sweet-sounding covers that will you have liking them all and impatiently waiting for more. Paulade’s first cover was of Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Lost One’ showing off his sweet register and breath-taking vocal control. After posting his covers, it wasn’t long until his supporters from Instagram and TikTok wanted an original song from him.   

He released ‘As Days Go By’ on October 7th 2022, which now has over one million streams on just Spotify alone. The song starts off with his airy vocals followed by a blend of instruments that add to the nostalgic and dream-like mood the love song puts you in. The later added Acapella version shows the sheer raw talent shining through him. He also made a cool and laidback visualiser for ‘As Days Go By’, which is the perfect accompanying visual for the sweet love song.  

He’s on our radar and should be on yours! 

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