WHO: Archy Moor [@archy.moor]  

GENRE: Rap/Hip Hop  

WHERE: Dublin, Ireland  

Archy Moor, the Nigerian-born and Dublin-raised star, lets the world know that there’s a huge amount of talent within the UK, as his latest project Bonnie Hill shows off the rapper’s lyrical wordplay and introspective thoughts.  

The Dublin-raised rapper released his first single ‘Moonboy’ back in 2019 on February 8th, introducing the world to his melodic-infused mind alongside his honest feeling lyrics. There’s something about Archy’s voice that just instantly grabs your attention. From his distinct cadence to his slick wordplay, you can’t help but pay attention to the voice that is Archy Moor. He’s a rapper that bares it all for those wanting to listen, which is more than evident on his debut EP Bonnie Hill.  

On February 10th 2023, Archy Moor released his six-song EP Bonnie Hill, showcasing the rapper’s retrospective thoughts as he lets us listeners into the heart and soul of who he is. 

“What do you want people to take away from your EP after listening to it?”  

“I think for me the most important takeaway is just an understanding of who I am and what I’m about. I’m just trying to be as real as I can be through this project and for people to get that would mean the most!”  

He’s on our radar and should be on yours! 

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