New series Johnny is the ultimate British comedy drama

Kwame Augustine is a cutting-edge writer and actor from London, best renowned for his award-nominated short film Locked-In. His latest endeavor, JOHNNY, is a series like no other. 

The series, co-directed by Stephanie Boateng, follows the life of Johnny, a boisterous and charming geezer, known for his love of women and the fast life. Throughout the episodes, viewers get acquainted with his ways, and his troubled past and present. A quick look at the released trailer offers an insight into what to expect: a traditionally British comedic offering, with a dramatic twist. 

Kwame, who’s the star of the series as well as the writer and co-director, says “This Johnny project has been a labour of love for our team, and anybody who knows the 12-year history surrounding Johnny will know we can’t wait for audiences to experience the character and the world of Johnny that we’ve poured our hearts into”. 

The series takes over the Curzon Cinema, in Mayfair, on Thursday 28th of September with a glamorous premiere. The red-carpet event will feature the talented cast and team behind Johnny, as well as renowned directors, producers, and figures from the industry. Alongside this exclusive screening of JOHNNY, audiences will also be able to watch Locked-In, which received public acclaim in the festival circuit.

The event marks a milestone in storytelling and series production, bringing a one-of-a-kind story to the screen.

Book a ticket here and witness the magic of Johnny before its official release. 

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