Natty Wylah drops latest freestyle with ‘Rap In Paper’

Natty Wylah drops latest freestyle with ‘Rap In Paper’

The North-West London native is rapidly carving a niche for himself with his unique perspective and honest sound. He has been playing with lyrics since 2007, taking inspiration from everyday life and Mother Nature. He describes his music as “abstract and earthy – a tactile sound. Like sunny rain – sometimes melancholy but bright and honest.” 

Natty’s rap in paper freestyle premieres on Wednesday 24th August via YouTube. He joins a list of rap royalty to have graced the platform ranging from London grime legend D Double E to upcoming trail blazers Backroad Gee and Amaarae. 

rap in paper is a freestyle platform that fuses the worlds of music and design. All performances are visualised in gift-wrapped installations produced by the in-house team at paq. Inspiration is drawn from Artists by working collaboratively to develop their bespoke wrap designs. Going beyond the surface to unearth emerging artists, as well as established lyricists, and presenting their gifts within a bold visual package. 

Natty’s wrapping paper backdrop is an abstract hourglass filled with reddish earth tones. It mirrors his ethereal freestyle, where he dips in and out of witty and philosophical bars. Never been one to conform, Natty Wylah delivers an otherworldly performance with impeccable finesse.

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