YouTuber To Watch: Check Out London-Based YouTuber Murad Merali. [@muradmerali]

Murad Merali Is Bringing You Daily Consistent Content Whilst in Self-Isolation.

Murad Merali should be protected at all costs and should be given a TV show with whatever budget he wants. I don’t know about you but I tune into my favourite Youtube channels like I’m watching the next season of Power. Whilst we are all self-isolating and discovering the entertaining content being created in people’s own backyards. Murad Merali is at the top of my list for Youtubers to watch.

Over the last few years, Murad has created consistent content that covers pop culture, social issues and some personal stories from Murad himself. If you didn’t catch up on the infamously popular Netflix show ‘Love Is Blind’, don’t worry about it! Murad Merali has got you covered (And is way more entertaining than the shows themselves). Merali gives an honest and unbiased review with humorous antidotes injected throughout.

Watch and subscribe to Merali’s Youtube Channel for daily and consistent content to get the full rundown on all that is pop culture right now!

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