Meet The Fashion Photographers Capturing New Worlds

Meet The Fashion Photographers Capturing New Worlds

In the kaleidoscopic world of fashion, where style and storytelling converge, emerging photographers are capturing the true essence of the industry. These rising stars of the visual realm see it all, from haute to street, bringing us deeper into the visual matrix.  

Today we’re highlighting some lens wielders who are defining the visual language of style today. Rather than delving into my perspective on their styles and philosophies, we’ll let the photographers themselves express what is most important when they capture a photograph. From technical interests to creativity based on emotional value – let’s step into their frames and embark on a journey to explore these new worlds through their eyes.


The most important thing to me is to create feeling in the viewer. I believe the photo moves you so much more when you can view it and imagine all the pieces that went into creating it.

– Sam Bryant Knolton


The most important thing when shooting is that my images hold weight beyond fashion boundaries, to build characters and narratives that give the audience a way of seeing they might not have had before.

– Kayla Connors


I think the most important thing when making a photograph is to think about capturing a feeling and letting that live inside the image. I’m not the type of photographer that documents things and I’m certainly not interested in ‘truth’ in photography. For me, the beauty of a photograph is the magic of not knowing what happens outside of that frame, the moment before and the moment right after. It’s about making an image that makes the viewer invested and connected enough to emotionally want to know what happens in those moments.

– Rob Rusling


The most important thing to me when I’m taking a photograph is to make sure I’m present in the moment when doing so. Most of the time the people you meet hold a lot more value than the photo itself. I’ve met many people in such a short amount of time and conversing with them creates worth within my work.

– Vincent Mercado


The number one thing I aim for in my images is contrast. I’m not sure why but my eye has always been drawn to contrast, more specifically contrasing colours. My favourite colour to use is a green hue, inspired by late 90’s and early 2000s film grades.

– Cashmerre


I’d say the most important thing to me is representing and capturing someone as wholly and authentically to themselves as I possibly can in that moment.

– Shenell Kennedy


Capturing the energy from the subject is important because it transcends from the lens to the viewer and if an image has the power to evoke an emotion from you, it becomes an image you will likely remember for a long time

– Sebastian Gallego


For me recently its become the in-between, unforced moments that I find represent the environment and subject in the way it was meant to be represented. I try to provide a much more fluid way of directing so that the photo, even though sometimes staged, may seem completely natural. This allows for a more organic and authentic photo, taking an element of street photography into portraiture. I find street photography the most gratifying because I find people depict themselves best when they aren’t aware of the photo.

– Aaron Paul Walker


The most important thing to me when capturing a person is that they feel like I captured them in the best way possible. If the photo doesn’t include a person, I want it to have an effect on the people looking at it. Even if it’s a disturbing one. But something that would make them stop scrolling for a second.

– Marlen Stahlhuth


The most important thing for me when capturing a photograph is being present. It’s the little things that unfold in front of my camera that I like to see and create a narrative from. I’m always maybe a bit too immersed in the moment that I tend not to hear what’s happening next to me, and that can lead to me bumping into something, or not hearing a client. But it all turns out great in the end and bruises tend to heal in a week haha.

– Raluca

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