Meet [@DAMNSHAQ] – one of London’s most energetic DJ’s

London’s most energetic DJ / Performer / Entertainer, Damnshaq has built a powerful brand around himself. His event @Damnshaqshouse has become one of London’s Littest nights for great music, great vibes and great people. His last one taking place at Brixton Jamm on the 13th February. One of the things that sets Damnshaq apart from the rest is his ability to use his personality and his visual designs to transport you into his whacky world.

Damnshaq is also an active member of the rap collective @Vibbar alongside some very talented entertainers. Their aesthetic and sound seems very nostalgic and jazz influenced but more importantly it just seems fun. Dope people doing dope things with each other. Their latest track ‘Snapchat‘ came out recently and if you look closely you’ll spot Damnshaq somewhere in the mix.

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