Making Mov(i)es with Hallie Primus aka Primrose.Films

Hallie Primus is a creative polymath: Director, Filmmaker, Photographer, Musician, and an overall talented individual. Hallie wants the world to know she means business.

Premiering her two-part debut series in 2021, ‘Somaliland Ha Nolto’ (the translation: Long Live Somaliland), a showcase of Somaliland in all its glory in 2021 to honor their 30th Independence Day, Hallie has gone continually level-up’d her skills in video production. 

The multidisciplinary visual artist hails from London. After graduating from Ravensbourne University, she started working with Perspective Pictures as a filmmaker and editor in 2019. Since then, Hallie began her own production company, primrose.films, where she develops work with other creatives to design both personal and freelance projects.

A real stormtrooper in the London art scene, Hallie goes beyond the norm. She seeks out the best of our rising stars to create all forms of art and creative content from a multidisciplinary standpoint.

‘Somaliland Ha Nolto’ (the translation: Long Live Somaliland), a showcase of Somaliland in all its glory in 2021 to honour their 30th Independence Day

Scanning through her portfolio will impress even the most discerning characters. Her Instagram details her work ranging from an edit for the PAQ X Lynx surprise music event featuring AitchConnie Constance, and Kojey Radical to a teaser ad for BBC Rising Star Asha Gold for her song ‘Passenger.’

But more than her work, Hallie and primrose. Films are a force to be reckoned with. She has created something exceptional and is about to set the scene alight.

Find out more about primrose.films here.

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