LUEDER’s “Journeyman” is a Healing Force in Fashion

LUEDER’s “Journeyman” is a Healing Force in Fashion

In the heart of London’s fashion scene, a new narrative is emerging—one that seamlessly blends the tangible and the ethereal. At the intersection of this narrative stands LUEDER, an emerging fashion brand making waves with its worldly approach to design. In the midst of London Fashion Week, we had the privilege of sitting down with Marie Lueder, the creative mind behind LUEDER, and artist Thomas P. Grogan, whose collaborative efforts have given birth to a fashion exhibition that transcends the ordinary.

“Journeyman” the Spring Summer 24 collection by LUEDER, is a journey into the realms of identity, masculinity, and healing—a collection that challenges us to confront the challenges we encounter as we journey into an unforeseen future.

Lueder – The amateur traverse’s life not as a professional but as a lover, equipped with not much more than a coarse passion for what lies before him.”


One of the most captivating elements of “Journeyman” is the intricate silver, aluminum, and resin amulet accessories crafted in collaboration with artist Thomas P. Grogan. Each charm tells a story, inspired by the personas that shaped the SS24 collection. They symbolize the human need for distinction, belonging, and the eternal quest for connection.

Thomas P. Grogan -Each sculpture is designed by a character of myself and a version of myself. So each amulet will have its own character, its own identity

Thomas P. Grogan

The collection takes inspiration from diverse young Londoners—bringing their personas alive through designs that incorporate traits of neo-pagan folk dress, LUEDER’s signature medieval armor-like tailoring, sculpted knitwear, and staple-engineered wrapped denim. Each garment serves as a shield against the ever-changing world, a testament to individuality.

Marie Lueder – I like this idea of protection, like bandaging or the healing aspect, but then it turns more into how can I apply the same idea of healing and support to my work because I’m not a doctor.

Marie Lueder

Marie’s profound fascination with armor and prosthetics finds its roots in her childhood, a time steeped in research of medieval epochs and immersive costume design experiences with her mother. This deep connection to historical aesthetics, coupled with a burgeoning affinity for healthcare, and a series of poignant personal events and relationships, collectively ignited Marie’s journey towards embracing vulnerability. This transformative path paved the way for the embodiment of themes centered around protection and comfort within the garments she would ultimately design.

Marie Lueder – There is quite a lot of emotional labor to be done, but I think when it works out, it’s a process that gives birth to something which you cannot reproduce as it’s so unique and beautiful 

Marie Lueder

We were left with a profound appreciation for the artistry and thought that went into its creation. Marie Lueder and Thomas P. Grogan have crafted a fashion narrative that transcends the runway, inviting us to explore the boundaries of identity, healing, and our connection to the world.

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