Love is a state of mind – an exhibition

Love is a state of mind – an exhibition

Tam Lin is a legendary ballad from the Scottish Borders dating back centuries. A traditional tale filled with magic, it celebrates female bravery, and has consequently been celebrated throughout time. Today, artist duo Titaness reinvents the story in their new exhibition Love is a state of mind at San Mei Gallery, in South London. 

Titaness is comprised of Maria Joranko, a mixed media artist and performer born in South Dakota, and Tifanny Wellington, a London-based artist, with a personal connection to Brixton, where the exhibition is held, originally from Kingston, Jamaica.

The collective’s inaugural exhibition, launched on the 8th of September, takes over the eclectic space with a dynamic sound and sculptural installation. The two artists queer the British tale through a diasporic lens, inputting their personal experiences and lineages on the story. 

Entering the exhibition, visitors are welcomed by a multi-channel sound installation emanating a co-authored story; each character mentioned is represented by a different sword in a surrounding detail-filled installation. The result is a multisensory experience whereby we get to know the duo’s stories through the use of the fantastical. 

By queering the traditionally heteronormative narrative the two disrupt tales as we know it and showcase the power storytelling holds in imagining alternate worlds with a powerful and majestic exhibition. 

With a shared interest in memory, opacity and love, it’s hard to believe this is the duo’s first exhibition together due to the harmonious energy that emanates in the room. 

The exhibition runs at San Mei Gallery, Brixton, from the 8th of September until the 4th of November, with a public programme running jointly. 

Find out more about Love is a state of mind here.

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