London Photographer A.J Hamilton is Re-Inventing Classism. [@thetogfather]

London Photographer A.J Hamilton is Re-Inventing Classism. [@thetogfather]

A.J Hamilton’s photography represents feminity as the hero, the lover and the villain of the story. 


A.J Hamilton represents feminity as an entity that is beyond the construct of time and logic in the modern world. The London-based photographer and creative director gives us a collection of imagery that beautifully captures the female form. The muses are often dressed in lingerie or sheer gowns that expose their beautifully lit skin. Every image is flawlessly produced with a stark contrast between emotive colours like royal blues and red. 

Inspired by classical art and narratives of mythology, A.J Hamilton mixes themes of religion, surrealism and the mystic of the female form to create true masterpieces. A.J Hamilton’s models are not only the protagonist of their own stories. But their tales could be interpreted through the props, the set and colour of their clothing. Every detail in the images tells an epic story of female-hood.

The first time I came across A.J Hamilton’s work I almost shed a tear. Never had I seen a black woman so beautifully represented in an image. Reminded by Eartha Kitt’s “Angelitos Negros’, I remembered her saying “when I walk into church, I only see paintings of white angels…why?!”. The viral picture of model pyrson_of_interest flooded timelines and from the reaction, it was clear that I was one in thousands who felt the same way. A.J Hamilton’s work is an example of why representation in art and photography is so important, behind and in front of the camera. A.J Hamilton represents the beauty of divine femininity in a truly diverse manner. It is why so many have fallen in love with the work. 

If there is an exhibition planned for the future, we hope that we have the honour to view A.J Hamilton’s incredible work in person. We look forward to seeing what the artist will do next!

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