Last week to see solo exhibition by WONDERBUHLE

Last week to see solo exhibition by WONDERBUHLE

Tucked away on the bustling streets of South Kensington sits Gallery 1957.  This year they have collaborated with WonderBuhle, an emerging South African artist; to showcase his first solo exhibition ‘Inkunzi Isematholeni’, which will be available for viewing until the 14th of October 2023.

Curated by Azu Nwagbogu, WonderBuhle’s new body of work ‘Inkunzi Isematholeni’ takes its name from a Zulu idiom translating to ‘how the calf is raised will determine the quality of the bull’. The title of this series connects to the artist’s belief in the importance of nurturing and cultivating new generations and youth.

Through his transcendental and enthralling portraits, WonderBuhle explores his personal journey of self-discovery and growth, featuring multiple self-portraits which are interwoven into various pieces, whilst paying homage to the community in which he has ascended. 

This unique series of paintings is reflective of the artist’s journey and emblematic of his ongoing process of self-exploration, however, this introspection goes far beyond self-interest further touching on ecological narratives and feminist ideals whilst maintaining the connection to familial lineage and broader social fabric. 

Photography by WonderBuhle, courtesy of Gallery 1957

Nature is a prominent theme within this collection, symbolising WonderBuhle’s deepened understanding of environmental issues and climate change. His acclaimed use of flower-imprinted skin finds new interpretations within this series, now directly relating to the environment itself. 

The Starting Point is a great example of how he raises awareness for such topics, by incorporating hundreds of plastic spoons gathered from prior events and parties. The Starting Point presents a compelling illustration of the importance of preserving nature’s beauty. In this exhibition, viewers will encounter WonderBuhle’s profound contemplations, which bridge the gap between self and community, inspiring collective reflection and action.

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