Kwasi Paul’s Latest Collection Celebrates The Pulse of African Markets in The Diaspora

Kwasi Paul’s Latest Collection Celebrates The Pulse of African Markets in The Diaspora

In each season’s creative endeavor, Sam Boakye, the ingenious creative director steering Kwasi Paul, embarks on a journey to interlace a narrative deeply rooted in his Ghanaian heritage and the unique tapestry of being a first-generation American. This latest collection, bearing the evocative title “Market Symphonies,” effortlessly upholds this artistic tradition, demonstrating Boakye’s unceasing commitment to his creative vision.

Market Symphonies by Kwasi Paul

“Market Symphonies” unfolds as a poetic homage to the lively African markets that pulsate outside of the African continent, encapsulating the sensory feast—sights, sounds, and flavors—that breathe life into these bustling marketplaces. Boakye, the visionary behind the designs, shares, “Leaving the motherland and embracing a Western lifestyle is an arduous journey. Yet, African markets abroad serve as vital community hubs.” He poignantly emphasizes, “They offer a slice of familiarity in an otherwise unfamiliar world,” unveiling the heartfelt inspiration that propelled this remarkable collection.

The collection masterfully navigates this theme, immersing its audience in a narrative of solace and nostalgia. Within this crafted sanctuary, the African market is portrayed as a comforting haven, reminiscent of a distant home. Celebrating the vibrant kaleidoscope of life found within the market’s energetic atmosphere, the collection seamlessly weaves piquant hues, varied textures, and captivating patterns—a reflection of the market’s vibrant essence, where spices, foods, vegetables, and harmonious music intertwine into a vivid tapestry of memories and traditions.

A particular standout piece, a two-piece orange gingham set adorned with delicately embroidered peppers and the inscription “Pepper Dem,” encapsulates the spirited attitude and vivacity inherent in African culture. It also subtly pays homage to the joyous and flavorful moments that define diasporic communities. The collection showcases an array of remarkable highlights, ranging from graphic T-shirts and crochet co-ord sets to pleated shirts and fugu pants embellished with meticulously hand-sewn cowrie shells—each piece serving as a captivating ode to the vibrant era of the 70s.

Kwasi Paul’s latest collection emerges as a vibrant, evocative tribute to the enduring spirit of the African Market, acknowledging its profound influence and irreplaceable role in the diasporic experience. Overall, the collection effortlessly embodies the essence of identity, serving as a poignant reminder that even in distant lands, the heart and soul remain intertwined in a beautiful harmony of heritage and creativity.

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Creative Director: Sam Boakye

Art Director: Anthony Rosado

Producer: Lawrence Okonya

Stylist: Anthony Rosado

Photographer: Celestia Seyvant, Sam Boakye, Omari

Hair: Helena Konadou

Post-production: Jerusa Nyakundi, Accra Studios 

Talent: Kwabena Asante, Sandra Dede, Rahilou, Gene Nartey

Accessories: Birthright Creations