Kolaja Is the First of It’s Kind: Black-British Sci Fi Film

Kolaja Is the First of It’s Kind: Black-British Sci Fi Film

Aliens have been all the rage lately, and Kolaja is adding to the buzz. Set for production in September, Kolaja is a Black British Sci-Fi Adventure film telling Joseph and Rehe’s story. 

Joseph is a regular teenager who feels like an “alien” at home. One day, a young humanoid alien, Rehe, crash-lands in his backyard, changing Joseph’s life forever. Throughout the movie, Joseph and Rehe overcome language and cultural barriers to connect and eventually help Rehe find her way back home. The film created by Kaylen Francis and Judah Meade is an endearing coming-of-age story centering on self-discovery, connection, and transformation themes. 

Furthermore, in pre-production, the film garnered lots of support. Team Kolaja has raised over 20k on a Kickstarter campaign and is supported by the film production company Grey Moth. With stunning visual effects and visionary storytelling centering on the Black-British perspective, the film is set to be a cultural cornerstone. Kolaja releases at the end of the year.

GUAP: What excites you most about this film?

Kaylen and Judah: We are thrilled to share this film because, at its core, Kolaja is a film about the importance of compassion. The movie reminds us that, no matter where we come from, our hearts and souls can connect on a deeper level. Considering our times, we feel like stories centered on connection are needed now more than ever.

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