In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, Kenyan artist Kabeaushé has emerged as a dynamic force, capturing the attention of global audiences with a fusion of diverse influences. After a groundbreaking debut with ‘The Coming of Gaze,’ Kabeaushé has recently signed with the renowned electronic imprint Monkeytown Records, bringing forth a new era with the release of their latest album, ‘HOLD ON TO DEER LIFE, THERE’S A BLCAK BOY BEHIND YOU!‘ This 10-track masterpiece showcases a raw and experimental quality that marks a significant shift from their earlier work.

One of the standout tracks on the album, ‘BANGUK,’ has an intriguing origin. Kabeaushé reveals that the song was initially created for a Hollywood movie, a high-octane car chase scene. Although the track didn’t make it into the film, its pulsating energy found a new home within the their album. This narrative exemplifies their creative process – an organic evolution guided by inspiration and intuition.

Kabeaushé describes their music as a “potpourri of sounds,” a reflection of the artist’s eclectic taste. Drawing inspiration from diverse genres such as classical music, Queen, and even unconventional sources like Western films, the artist weaves a rich tapestry of sonic elements. When asked about their style, they said, “It’s a mixture of so much. I don’t try to focus on one thing because I don’t listen to one thing, I listen to a lot of stuff….I try to fuse as much as I possibly can, try to have as many characters in there and make the music as alive as possible.”

The new album represents a significant departure from Kabeaushé’s earlier work. While ‘The Coming Of Gaze’ was an unplanned compilation released four years ago, ‘HOLD ON TO DEER LIFE, THERE’S A BLCAK BOY BEHIND YOU!’ is a deliberate and cohesive artistic statement. Kabeaushé attributes this shift to a transformative period spent in Kampala, where exposure to diverse musical styles and cultural experiences shaped the urgency and intentionality of the new album. When commenting on the growth of their work, Kabeaushé says, “When you listen to ‘The Coming Of Gaze’, you can still feel the production is very minimal and very cute. When you listen to this album it has much more intention, the messaging is so urgent and everything is very precise and together. That’s the difference.”

Kabeaushé’s journey from acting and radio presenting to music is rooted in a desire to create something truly exciting. The artist felt a calling to contribute a unique, electrifying presence to the Kenyan music scene, inspired by the trailblazing works of artists like Childish Gambino and Kanye West. The result is a musical landscape that is, in Kabeaushé’s words, “dirty, incessant, rough around the edges, and wonky” – a testament to the artist’s commitment to authenticity and innovation.

With ‘HOLD ON TO DEER LIFE, THERE’S A BLCAK BOY BEHIND YOU!,’ Kabeaushé has not only solidified their place in the electronic music realm but has also emerged as a trailblazer in the global music scene. The album’s cinematic qualities, diverse influences, and thought-provoking title showcase the their dedication to pushing boundaries. The introduction of Kabeaushé’s alter ego, “The Shé,” adds an extra layer of intrigue to live performances, allowing for a dynamic visual experience.

Kabeaushé’s vision for the album is clear – it’s not about conforming to expectations or delivering a specific message. Instead, they encourage fans to immerse themselves in the music without overanalysing the lyrics. The album’s mission is to provide an experience that transcends the confines of conventional expression, offering a unique and unfiltered sonic journey.

You can stream their full album below and discover more from GUAP’s Music section here!

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