Dr. Martens proudly announces its latest campaign, a vibrant fusion of cross-generational heritage, sound, and culture in collaboration with visionary artist Jordss and the esteemed Lady Banton, to launch their archive sandals collection. Inspired by the energetic and inclusive ethos of the ‘blues parties’ of the 80s, the era when Dr.Martens first brought sandals to the world, the campaign sparks conversation around the spirit of freedom and creativity that defined those iconic gatherings and how this energy lives on today.

Jordss, who seamlessly blends the sounds of the past with the beats of today, was inspired to become a DJ through her main influences of “sound system culture and attending carnival from a young age”. With a deep respect for tradition and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Jordss embodies the spirit of the modern-day rebel, pushing boundaries and challenging norms through music as she explains that “areas of music that inspire me the most are the 80s and 90s, I love sampling music listening to the newer tracks and also going back and listening to the old samples”.

Lady Banton, a beacon of unity and community, channels the essence of the past while carving out pathways for the future. Reflecting on her journey, she reminisces, “Everything was happening when I first started DJing. It was a special time. I had a love for disco, soul, and a deep foundation in reggae. My transition into the Dancehall space came after my inaugural trip to Jamaica. I cherished all music—Ska, Rock—but Reggae became my turning point. When I’m behind the decks, it’s like transporting people back to my favourite era—the 80s—unveiling the thrillers and bangers of that time with conviction.” As one of the pioneers of all-female sound system collectives, Lady Banton has left an indelible mark on the musical and cultural landscape, inspiring movements like Jordss’s own sisterhood collective, Girls Can’t DJ.

Jordss appreciates styles of the past also, revealing, “I love the 90s, I’m stuck in the fashion styling from those days. I thrifted the Dr. Martens fisherman sandal on a store in Brick Lane around 7 years ago. This summer, I’m going to be wearing them with everything—jeans, shorts, and if you’re bad enough, you can rock them with a tracksuit. Even without a pedicure, you can still rock them.”

Reflecting on the enduring legacy of sound system culture, especially within West London and its vibrant carnival culture, Lady Banton muses, “I’m very much about legacy. What does it mean for the younger generation? What will it mean after I’m gone? What will that be in the future? And how do I keep that legacy going? Keeping on telling those stories and giving the younger generation the opportunity to be able to play like I was”

Together for the campaign of the iconic Archive Sandals, Jordss and Lady Banton pay homage to this vibrant culture, drawing inspiration from the subcultural movements of the 80s and 90s, which birthed iconic symbols like the Dr. Martens sandal silhouette. Against the backdrop of Notting Hill Carnival’s epicentre, The Tabernacle, they unveil Dr. Martens’ Archive Sandals collection, inviting enthusiasts to join them on a journey through time. It’s more than a fashion relaunch—it’s a celebration of rebellion, creativity, and inclusivity that has defined Dr. Martens for generations and will continue to inspire for years to come.

When it comes to styling, the versatility of the Archive Sandals collection shines through. Whether paired with a vintage-inspired ensemble for a nod to the past or incorporated into a modern streetwear look, these sandals effortlessly bridge the gap between retro charm and contemporary flair. From the streets of West London to the global stage, the Archive Sandals are a testament to the enduring appeal of Dr. Martens’ iconic style.


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