It’s ‘Just A Matter Of Time’ Before The World Pays Attention To AntsLive [@antsslive]

It’s ‘Just A Matter Of Time’ Before The World Pays Attention To AntsLive [@antsslive]

AntsLive, an emerging hot talent from North London, has just released his nine-track debut EP Just A Matter Of Time. His artistry and versatility as an artist are prominent throughout the project as he lets listeners into the mind and sounds of AntsLive. From the ease of his delivery to the catchy melodies that will become stuck in your head, it comes as no surprise to find out that he’s already racked up co-signs from Tiffany Calver, DJ Semtex and i-D. The North London rapper lets everyone know exactly why it’s his time throughout his cohesive debut EP.   

‘Lightskin Beatle’ and ‘Number One Candidate’ show off the rapper’s self-assurance and the versatility of his sound as he blends a mix of different instruments, whilst maintaining his cadence and distinct delivery throughout the two songs. From the braggadocious line “first things first I’m half great half amazing” to the hyped adlibs and ringside energy of ‘Number One Candidate’, where he shows the slickness of his bars and the melodic catchiness of his verses. The energy changes into a more mellow one for songs ‘Don Corleone’ and ‘Greater Good’ as he explores moments of vulnerability and gives us girls a song we can scream and vibe out to, as the words “Shawty I wanna make you mine” fade out at the ending of ‘Greater Good’. He also dropped some icy visuals for the song ‘Don Corleone’ on YouTube, showing off the army of support he has in his circle. 

‘Talking Stages’ plays into that same mellow vibe as AntsLive gives listeners a peek into his mind displaying his vulnerability once again. As we get halfway through the EP, ‘Glow Up’ and ‘Skeet’ bring the momentum back up to the energy-filled start as the rapper shows off the coolness of his delivery and the energised atmosphere he brings.   

Just when I thought the North London rapper couldn’t surprise me anymore, he gives us ‘Matter Of Time’ activating the secret lover side in all of us as he incorporates both his rapping and vocalist side. An instant favourite of mine. ‘Matter Of Time’ is a song that will have us girls screaming along loudly and the guys rapping along too. The closing song ‘Detoxing’ brings everything together by showing how tunnel-visioned AntsLive is in making his name and talent known to the world. I heavily enjoyed listening to AntsLive’s debut EP Just A Matter Of Time, which is a strong body of work that highlights his versatility as an artist and shows off his lyrical talent and skill. I look forward to hearing more from him in the future. 

Listen to the full EP below :

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