Introducing NYM [@itsnymmusic] an artist testing soundwaves

Introducing NYM [@itsnymmusic] an artist testing soundwaves

Described as the Grace Jones of the 21st Century, NYM is an artist who is passionately expressive and finds meaning in her music through understanding the message she wants to share with the world. Her source of inspiration can come through many forms, whether it’s watching a film that stirs up a particular sensation that leads to visualising a desired moment, which ultimately becomes the catalyst to developing a track. 

Speaking with NYM, you’ll quickly realise she is an individual who is vibrant and deeply caring for the energy she puts into the world, it has to be a reciprocated and one of elevation. The process of how a final track is reached isn’t a straight forward path, though is it ever really in the artistic world? With this in mind, NYM, openly shares with me the intimacy of how her words start to dance and flow with the beat of the track that’s being produced, to the finer details of the intention behind a memory. 

You know how there are certain key players we meet in our lives? The people who at times can open a door of opportunity within ourselves and provide a space to reach new levels, well, one of these characters to NYM is Rory Simmons. He’s a producer, that works closely alongside NYM to create the magic they’re both after. Described by NYM as someone who is always willing to take any journey with her as she lays down her soul in a track and feels at ease with. Two key components that are needed when making music and art. 

The more NYM and I become invested into the conversation, our sense of time goes out the window and the rainy British weather starts to become a distant drumming sound in the background, almost as if a beat is being produced as we speak. Unravelling deeper into why NYM  is paving her solo path as an artist takes us to the pinnacle person who changed her life, saw the potential in her and has constantly encouraged NYM with support; Paloma Faith. 

Being a part of her band for eight years has allowed NYM to see how the industry works, but most importantly believing, understanding and valuing there are no rules to what you can create, when you to trust your own creativity of the process that takes place. Which leads to the current level NYM finds herself in as an artist, one who is proud of what she is creating, with three singles out in 2019 and the most recent being released a month ago, titled ‘Biology’. 

NYM is an interesting and exciting artist to keep on your watchlist, of the three singles NYM has released; ‘Golden’, ‘Honey and ‘Biology’ you can hear the alternative sounds she enjoys experimenting with and the amount of fun she is having when creating the visuals too. Biology encompasses an unprecedented infusion of beats, the underlining tempo is one which instantly creates a moment to get your head bobbing if you dig the vibe…a dance-like nightclub feeling where you’re ready to own the moment and say “yeaaah let’s ‘av it” then let your body feel the rhythm.

With plans to release and grow further as an artist, don’t miss out on what NYM has to offer during this decade @itsnymmusic