Halle Bailey’s [@hallebailey] performance in the Little Mermaid is nothing short of perfection

Halle Bailey’s [@hallebailey] performance in the Little Mermaid is nothing short of perfection

Famously known for her iconic rise in music with her sister, Halle Bailey has remarkably risen as a lead actress to watch this year with her performance as Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Despite the racist slander and online back-and-forth regarding Disney’s progressive casting of a black lead for the white fictional character, all can agree Halle’s stainless elegance and innocence as Ariel proved Disney’s casting to be nothing short of perfection. 

The story of The Little Mermaid is ultimately a love story between two monarchs from opposing worlds, frustrated with their line of duty and expectations bestowed on them. Seeking for more, their worlds collide to consolidate their affections and affinity for one another when Ariel’s wish to be human and live above the sea is granted via deceptive means. In the theme of Disney’s racially progressive casting, we witness not only an interracial and interspecies fictional love story; we’re also invited to behold water and land kingdoms of vibrant royals and communities of colour. From the continental representation of Halle and her mermaid sisters of the Seven Seas, to her white lover’s black adopted mother and Caribbean queen, the film is a beautiful microcosm of racial harmony across and between different worlds. 

We sat down with the lady herself and her co-star Prince Jonah Hauer-King, to further unpack their trials and triumphs when bringing this live-action story to life. You can watch the full interview here on our Youtube Channel.

Many life lessons can be taken away from this film as Jonah mentioned in our sit down interview with him and Halle. We’ve made a list of these lessons.

4 Life Lessons The Little Mermaid teaches us:

  1. Ariel and Prince Eric show us what a mutual and healthy romantic connection looks like. They empathise with one another’s lifestyles and struggles whilst appreciating and learning about eachother’s differences.
  2. Ariel and Eric’s parents learn to trust and support their children’s wishes and life pursuits, thus unlearning to not prioritise their expectations for Ariel and Eric’s trajectories. 
  3. Protecting one’s family over your wealth and status in society will be a cost you will never live to regret. 
  4. Family goes beyond your DNA. In life, sometimes we can pick whom we call family.

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