#GUAP30 ‘A Great Day In Ldn’ : 23 Artists Pushing the Bounds of the UK’s sonic landscape

The UK is in the midst of a musical renaissance. Not only can we hear it, but we can see it and we can feel it. Artists are shunning labels and pushing for more independence and autonomy over their work, refusing to be boxed in and experimenting with genres, embracing rebelliousness and youth – there’s an unwavering authentic energy behind the people, the places, the clothes and the sounds. This wave is being pushed by the few tapping into the inherent parts of themselves and their art that may not be celebrated by the mainstream. Effortlessly breaking down boarders and boundaries by creating free of the bounds of past expectation.

#GUAP30 is an ode to those people and a documentation of this moment. The people contributing to and leading the wave of everything new, innovative and authentic within music and beyond. This image is the amalgamation of the minds of upcoming designers, videographers, stylists, photographers and musicians. Music may be at the forefront but there is a story behind every item of clothing, every location, every person behind the scenes – all coming together to champion the future.

Inspired by Art Kanes 1958 ‘A Great Day In Harlem’ we aimed to create an image isolating a moment in time when what will one day be a worldwide fanbase was once a small, dedicated and uncompromising community. We’ve hand picked 23 artists all redefining what it means to be a ‘UK Musician’ in their own right. From hyper pop to hyper hip hop , Punk Rock, Soul, Rnb, Folk and ,to be honest, genres which are yet to be defined. There is something here for and by everyone.

Tap into each of the artists below. This cover, if anything, is about opening the worlds eyes to the beauty that is coming out of the UK’s musical landscape right now. Take some time to really digest each artist and take in what they have to offer.

Featuring Alexander Benjamin, BZ, bib sama. , BINA. , Downtown Kayoto, DEELA, Dessireé, EFÉ, Fimiguerrero, Gail, Kasien, Len, Monét, MaZz, Mrley, OG KEMi, Strandz, Sariah Rowe, 5EB, Sam Dotia,
SYM WORLDD, Scuti and Zino Vinci meet them below.