GUAP PREMIERE: High Nelson – ‘Young Blood’

GUAP PREMIERE: High Nelson – ‘Young Blood’

WHO: High Nelson

FROM: Bronx, NYC

MEMORABLE LYRIC: “To be honest I think I’m losing my balance/ Too caught up in overcoming my challenges that I forget to smile when the suns out”

There’s no part to High Nelson’s ‘Sunday’ which feels self-serving or materialistic. He radiates a high calibre of music which feels meticulously pieced together. His words offer a sense of purpose – through his relaxed flow, you can hear the intention behind each bar holds great meaning to the Bronx artist. While the instrumentals, produced by RansomBeatz, take you through meandering peaks and valleys as the beat allows him to open up, giving you the ability to examine his words if you so choose to.

This latest release is the starting point for some incredible things to come from High Nelson over the next few months. With his constantly evolving musicality, he has set the tone as an artist who can never be pigeonholed into just one genre or category.

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