GUAP PREMIERE: Godly The Ruler – ‘Midwest’

GUAP PREMIERE: Godly The Ruler – ‘Midwest’

WHO: Godly The Ruler

FROM: Chicago, US

GENRE: rap/ emo-rap / pop-punk

MEMORABLE LYRIC: “I’m a little fucked up/ I spent four seasons shouldering this bad luck/ I get sad, I get mad but it’s all love”

Godwill Oke is the COO of all his musical endeavours – whether that is through production, singing, rapping or anything in between. Premiering exclusively on GUAP, his latest release ‘Midwest’ is a ramped up and radical refurnishing of his latest EP. The Chicago-native’s breathless verses come into their own over the electrified beat before leading into the chorus, which, in itself sounds unearthly as his flow goes to impossible lengths. Showing off his multi-dimensional creativity he lives up to the name ‘Godly’. Starting his career in modern-day classical training of self-taught bedroom beats to Soundcloud raps Godly set his music forth into the algorithmic abyss. Now, particularly since the release of his ‘dog days’ EP and with his US tour about to kick off, Godly’s music is creating an impact across platforms and undoubtedly, overseas. 

Elaborating on the inspirations behind ‘Midwest’, Godly adds:

 “Growing up in the midwest there’s always been this overarching feeling of normalcy that the culture pushes. This song is taking the reality of the midwest and the normalcy here and flipping it on its head. The song itself is kind of an Alice in Wonderland-esque journey where you’re transported to a new and bizarre reality. The constant floor-shaking bass, and dreamy guitar, paired with explosive drums and a similarly explosive vocal performance offer a slap in the face that takes you from your normal reality into a psychedelic sonic trip.”