FROM: Birmingham + West London

MEMORABLE LYRIC: “For you, it’s a privilege baby / got you submitting like daily / wake up beside me all hazy / make you addicted, maybe”

DEJA’s poignant and blithe singing floods the staccato beat like a torrent of sudden rain. A kiss and wave to a casual lover over whom she has ultimate command.

Originally hailing from Solihull in Birmingham, DEJA now takes residence in West London where she feels her career in music can blossom. Growing up she was engulfed in a world of music from a young age–and as a result, the artist feels an affinity for music in such a way that those bonds can never be broken. The melting pot of influences ranges from 90s and 00s r&b to 70s-era soul. 

Speaking on her new single DEJA recounts the significance it holds for her and the power in the message behind it. “Sometimes we forget just how much power the kitty holds. Guys want it, might be lucky enough to taste it and OOOP!!! They’re addicted. My new single Beggin’ is a warning for weak ones – be careful what you wish for because you’ll be hooked and Beggin’ for more.”

A large part of the appeal to Deja’s ‘Beggin’’ is the tantalising nature of her arrangements surrounding familiar soundscapes; layered beneath entirely contemporary vocalisations. If you’re as hooked as we are, make sure to check out more enticing sounds from the singer below: