GUAP goes to [@Africafwl] Africa Fashion Week London #AFWL17

GUAP goes to [@Africafwl] Africa Fashion Week London #AFWL17


With this being the 7th anniversary of AFWL there was a lot of anticipation of what the showcasing designers will bring to the table. There were all types of designers, from street-wear, bridal and couture. The two days were full of colours, music and great vibes. In total there were 5 runway shows, with each event showcasing different designers both male and female. It took place in the beautiful Freemason Hall in West London, which added its own twist as it was filled with beautiful marble and a sound atmosphere.



The 3 designers that made their mark on the runway for me were Tubo, Godwin Green and TobhmasColours. They all had a different twist to African designs. Tubo’s designs were based around lace and glitter which had a bridal theme behind it. The last piece was absolutely breath taking, it was a red ball gown piece, dazzled in crystals and finished with mesh trail. Godwin Green was a men’s and female designer, that produced such beautifully tailored African printed suits for both genders. With the vibrant colours on the African prints, the collection was unforgettable. Speaking with the founder of Tobhams Colours, I was made to understand the deep roots of the brand and the meaning behind the name. Tobhams means the ‘the only bright morning star’ and each colour used in their collection represented a letter in their name. So creative!

I cannot fail to mention the amazing exhibitions present for both days. It included all sorts of precious items, from body butters to fully made outfits to even leather shoe and bags. Each exhibitor had their own section in the hall, which they used to showcase their own talents and creations.

Overall, AFWL 2017 was amazing, from the venue to the designers and the models. I am totally looking forward to the next show because… Africa definitely has talent!

Abiola Kareem


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