The Best Dressed at GUAP GALA 2022

The Best Dressed at GUAP GALA 2022

GUAP Gala – What a night! Our fairytale and folklore theme had people bringing all of the high fantasy, costume and creativity, from feathered Durag trains to cowrie shell suits. Here’s a look at some of our favourite outfits from the night. Who do you think should win Best Dressed?

It’s Just Nife in Christophe Guillarme
Zain in Millia
Jay-Ann Lopez in Maximilan Raynor
Kai Isiaiah Jamal in Casablanca
Julie Adenuga in Divalukky
Elheist in vintage dress, corset by Guido Mosch
Tom Moutchi in LaBrum London
Bianca Saunders in corset by Emmie Brookes, skirt by Bianca Saunders
Simply Sayo in Divalukky
Victor Kunda in Kaushik Velendra
Priscilla Anyabu in VC Lounge
Mariam Musa in Valdrini Sahiti
Nana Esi in Blueprint Society
Adeola Patronne in Valdrin Sahiti
DJ LAJ in Ebony Dami
Bellah in Ci W En
Wunmi Bello in Amar London
Tanya Compas in Gucci, Durag by Maya Scarlette
Lorianne Mbayo in Jennifer Luxford
Rellik Tha Don in Tij Estelle
Shaes Universe in Syban Velardi-Laufer and Lucky Little Blighters
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