GUAP Gala 2022: Best Interpretation of the Theme [@SHAUNSKY_]

GUAP Gala 2022: Best Interpretation of the Theme [@SHAUNSKY_]

What comes to mind when you hear the words fairytale & folklore? The 2022 GUAP Gala on Friday saw guests interpret the theme in a variety of ways. A lot of people invented their own characters for the night, whilst others took on existing personas such as Princess Tiana from Princess and the frog, or Captain Hook.

One character in particular stood out though. Have you ever heard the story of when Sneakbo turned into a cat? Legend has it that one fateful afternoon, whilst being pursued by his “opps”, South London rapper Sneakbo ran into McDonald’s in Brixton and morphed into a black cat in order to get away.

Shaun Sky paid homage to this great myth at the GUAP Gala by dressing up as Sneakbo as a black cat. If that isn’t Black British folklore, we don’t know what is. What would you have dressed up as?

Shaun Sky in Marc Jacques Burton


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