GoldLink [@goldlink] Sells Out Heaven.

GoldLink [@goldlink] Sells Out Heaven.

Sober kids with sober thoughts…


The first and last time I saw GoldLink was at XOYO a few years ago. That show was a vibe, but I have to say that this one was way beyond that… Heaven has played host to artists including Grace Jones, Lily Allen and MNEK, and now GoldLink has joined them with a sold out show.

Hare Squead came back over from Ireland to open the show, performing hits such as ‘Loco’ and ‘Long Way To Go’, along with some banging new music that they’re dropping soon. They brought a sick energy to the stage and performed with a cheeky charm, making them a fantastic opener for GoldLink.

GoldLink’s DJ came out to warm up the crowd playing bangers like ‘Milly Rock’ and even ‘Talkin’ The Hardest’, by London’s very own Giggs. By the time GoldLink came to the stage his fans were more than ready to see him perform hits ‘Sober Thoughts‘ and ‘Crew’ featuring Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy. When he introduced  a special guest to the stage and Masego came out, the crowd went absolutely crazy. They performed ‘Late Night’ with an amazing energy, giving the crowd a performance they really wouldn’t forget, with Masego even bringing out a saxophone to complete the song. A highlight of the show for me was when GoldLink asked the crowd to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in the “black way”, as a cake was brought out for Masego’s birthday.

Hare Squead came back on stage to close the show, and perform GoldLink’s remix of their song ‘Herside Story‘; a hit that has already got over 200,000 views on YouTube.

After an encore from the crowd GoldLink came back out to perform the classic ‘Dance On Me’, providing a great end to one of the best shows I’ve been to this year.



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