FASHUN POLITIKS: Why don’t models ever smile?

FASHUN POLITIKS: Why don’t models ever smile?

We are halfway through fashion week season and like previous seasons (and most likely, seasons to come), the models won’t be smiling.

Fashion models are notoriously known for their stoosh facial expressions, not only on the runway but in editorials too.

Here are the main reasons why.

Showing personality takes away from the clothes.

A model’s main job is to best showcase whatever they are wearing, meaning exaggerated facial expressions are a

Fashion has an obsession with the ‘cool kids’ aesthetic.

Meaning anything outside of looking unapproachable just can’t run.

A stern face exudes confidence and self-assurance.

Staying composed and controlling your emotions is an admirable skill which gives models leverage.

We asked Instagram how they prefer their models – ‘Personality’ or ‘No Personality’? These were the results.

Some even messaged with a few extra comments.

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