Faith Trade, a tale of two clashing worlds

Faith Trade, a tale of two clashing worlds

Faith Trade follows the narrative of a young boy who tackles the culture he follows back home mixed with the society’s normality of the West, which gets in tangled with the street culture that can suck youth into a whirlwind of violence, never-ending poverty and aggression. Mixing in archive footage and speeches from the likes of London icons Skepta, John Boyega and American film star Denzel Washington, speak on their experiences of being black males and the unique obstacles they face. 

Faith Trade is imperative viewing during Black History Month, especially for those who felt the effects of George Floyd’s murder in 2020. If you want to understand the perspective of being a black man told artistically and matter-of-factly, you’ll leave watching the film feeling informed with food for thought. 

Written by Shaneika Johnson-Simms


Director, Editor – Raphael Boamah-Asare – @raphaelbasare 

Production company – Asare Simms 

Producer – Shaneika Johnson- Simms –  @shaneikajsimms