Embracing the Uncomfortable: Carl Dusu’s Provocative Debut Solo Exhibition [@justdusu]

Embracing the Uncomfortable: Carl Dusu’s Provocative Debut Solo Exhibition [@justdusu]

“There’s Nothing to See Here” is the debut solo exhibition by artist Carl Dusu, hosted by Espacio Gallery.

Curated by Alero Helena Opuama, the show delves into the essence of the human hood and explores various experiences and topics that shape our life journeys. Carl’s figurative and surreal paintings depict themes of loneliness, loss, race, equality, and identity, combining soft and bold colours. The exhibition aims to spark conversations and create an empathetic environment encouraging viewers to engage with uncomfortable topics and empathise with different life experiences.

Carl Dusu, a British-Ghanaian artist and multidisciplinary designer, draws inspiration from his architectural background and incorporates storytelling into his medium and large-scale paintings. “There’s Nothing to See Here” aims to transcend societal boundaries and parameters, such as age, race, gender, ability, sexuality, and beliefs. The exhibition emphasizes that these factors do not define us entirely as human beings. Instead, Carl’s artwork delves into the core of our shared experiences, delving into universal themes that resonate with audiences from diverse backgrounds. The exhibition’s composition and use of color are deliberate and strategic, inviting viewers to dialogue with the artwork. Carl skillfully employs striking pieces, evocative colors, and decorative elements that symbolize beauty, loneliness, and growth. Through this artistic approach, he prompts viewers to reflect on the uncomfortable aspects of life and foster understanding and empathy.

By offering an empathetic environment, “There’s Nothing to See Here” encourages visitors to engage in complex or uncomfortable conversations. The exhibition challenges viewers to confront their biases and assumptions, fostering a space where uncomfortable discussions can become more approachable and meaningful.

The exhibition opens to the public on 26th-30th July 2023, for free at Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch.

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