[@EElectrics] Festival Highlights By @shanldn

[@EElectrics] Festival Highlights By @shanldn

There was me thinking eastern electrics was a house music shindig but after seeing Sian Anderson, Nadia Rose and Heartless Crew on the line up, I knew I had to reach.

Also the fact that (I thought) it wasn’t somewhere a million miles from my house this time sold it to me.

Turns out that the new location is a million miles away from my house too. For some reason, the fact that Morden is on the London Underground made me think it was easily accessible. After driving to what felt like the end of the earth and then cruising around looking for a parking space for 35 mins, we made our way up to the gate.

I had been pre warned about the queue before I got there. A few of my friends got there at 1 and didn’t get in till 4.30, stress!

As soon as I got inside I forgot about the trek I made and the parking situation, the vibe was on point.

The crowd

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I don’t know if there was something in the air last weekend, but everyone was finished. I’m talking when you’re 14 and have your first alcoholic experience type of finished. I know most people go to festivals and get fucked up, but this was next level. As I walked though the gate a girl was being carried out, and that was just the first of many. People just causally throwing up in the middle of the festival (no effort to make it to a porter loo) and just when I thought I’d seen it all, a girl stumbles head first in front of me into the grass, nearly tripped me over and all sorts – at least there were enjoying them selves.

Music & Stages

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EE is one of the only one-day festivals I can say go in with the stages. Each stage brought a different crowd and energy.

The Tropical Tea Party stage was such a vibe, when the house, tech and grime got too much you could just pop there to rejuvenate yourself. When I first stepped in it felt like I was walking into a little hippie jungle, Rodigan definitely needs to play there next year.

The Rinse FM Takeover stage had the maddest line up and definitely didn’t disappoint.

I’m a bit pissed I didn’t make it in time for Emeralds set (I’m blaming the queues) but I’ve seen her play quite a few times now and she always comes through with the tunes.

Sian Anderson set the tone with her set dropping those grime bangers. My Nu Leng had the crowd going nuts after dropping some Dubstep remix of ‘Badman Forward Badman Pull Up’, it was a madness. Stefflon Don always manages to have the crowds locking singing along to every word. About an hour after her set I went toilet and a random girl was just sitting there on the grass singing along to ’16 Shots’ word for word.


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EE definitely went all out this year with the production. You’ve gotta love a festival where you can randomly pop to a photo booth or go on a ride when you feel like taking a break from raving, although the music on some of the rides was just as loud as the stages. EE is definitely expanding in terms of genre of music and the vibe this year was irreplaceable. I’m looking forward to seeing even more UK rap and grime acts on the 2018 line up!

© Sarah Koury / Entirety Labs

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