Dissecting fashion in music videos : Let’s get fashionable with Dua Lipa

This weekend English singer and model Dua Lipa released her new video for the song “let’s get physical workout video”. Watching the music video this weekend I got a wave of fashion inspiration as well as excitement for summer. Music videos with character and bold style have a way of moving into the fashion scene with style guru’s taking inspiration and adapting video looks into wearable looks on the streets.  Here are a few fashion moments I caught in Dua Lipa’s new video.

 During this year’s fashion weeks we saw the 80’s coming back with pointed shoulders, latex and metallic colours appearing on the runway as well as on the streets of London, Paris, New York and Milan. The 24-year-old known for bold fun and flirty personality and style created a music video with key throwback 80’s inspiration, rocking an 80s-esque bright yellow scoop neckline bodysuit and a bold slogan in pink. A combination of the two colours as well as the whole overall aesthetic of the music video gives me summer vibes perfect as we are looking forward to spring bringing us sunnier days.


In addition, the background dancers add even more colour with anime characters illustrated on their rainbow bodysuits. Could this be a new fashion trend? Bringing this together with the 80’s style gives the overall vibe of Dua Lipa’s personality. Moving away from hot girl summer, Dua Lipa’s video turns the sexy and saucy bodysuits and moves, into a personable, funny, quirky and slightly geeky video. 


Dad trainers have been a huge trend this year and it looks like their here to stay.  Rather than a pair of black heels to sex things up, Dua Lipa rocks a Nike pair of dad style trainer with a touch of pink, of course,  this helps turn the look into something fun, fitness and perfectly fitting for the 80’s theme.

With her music video merch already out, we will definitely be seeing the bright bodysuit at this summers festivals. 


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