Octavian Ft Skepta – Papi Chulo: Dissecting fashion in music videos

This weekend London based rapper Octavian featuring the OG of Uk rap Skepta released the official music video for new song ‘Papi Chulo’. The song brings together UK rap with a Latin vibe, perfect for lifting our spirits in hope for the spring season to bring about better and happier days.  The star posts on Instagram writing “ IN THESE DARK TIMES, THE ONE THING WE GOT IS EACH OTHER… AND A BANGER FROM ME AND SKEPTA.” 

A lover of monochrome outfits Skepta stars as ‘durag Papi’ wearing a black durag coordinated with a wavy ( in both senses of the term ) black and white printed shirt, black leather trousers and fresh black air forces with a white tick. The leather trousers stand out as a great key piece to elevate a laid back house party look.


 Bringing it back to the ’90s, the gorgeous ladies featured are rocking cute tank tops and chunky statement chains as well as beautiful brown nude lips. It brings me back to watching old skool music videos and the era of the classic video vixens highlighting beauty across all skin tones.

This coming season, a single ponytail braid is going to be a huge trend, A style worn for years but has recently been making a come back. Seen by the main girl featured in this video as well as on kylie Jenners Instagram. The simple look is a great way to switch it up and draw attention to a statement necklace and makeup look as well as it exudes confidence and class. 


Octavian is known for his unique voice and personality as well as for his fly experimental fashion. This has gotten him recognised by Louis Vuitton with a huge statue of him in their Los Angles store.  Hyped by the news the rapper makes a post on Instagram captioned “ While you guys that used to diss me for being poor buy your LV belts and you little bags, I have a statue in Rodeo Drive Los Angeles that you can Look up to! DONT LET NOBODY PUT YOU DOWN. THE WEIRDER YOU ARE THE BETTER!” 


Going along the lines of the weirder the better, Octavian pulls out a white fur cow print collared jacket with beige, brown and black spots and details paired with an all-black outfit, including chunky black platform boots, a chain and classic Octavian style shades. The boots standout for me and perfectly match the overall aesthetic of the video. A classic platform boot can be a great way to add some grunge undertones to an outfit, these boots can be styled by both men and women and look equally as good! 


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