Designer Kojo Kusi [@kojokusii] shares how authenticity and determination has enabled him to be a success

Designer Kojo Kusi [@kojokusii] shares how authenticity and determination has enabled him to be a success

Designer, Kojo Kusi started his journey last year and has built made waves consistently throughout both years. Studying Visual Arts Kojo always had a creative eye and knew he would explore his creativity after completion. Kojo describes his work as a collusion between art and fashion. His love for art had led to the clothes he sews being his canvas where he expresses his creativity. Growing up in Ashaiman, Accra in Ghana Kojo did not allow his surrounding to dictate his future, but rather followed his passion. Read more for our exclusive interview with Kojo:

Growing up did you always know that you wanted to be a designer?

“No, I never had that thought until my final year in Senior High School. Even after graduating the decision still was not stable, because of this I had relatives pitching other profession to me and that made the decision tougher than it already was. But in 2017 I finally made the decision to train as a tailor’s apprentice, but then aside this I always knew my profession will be associated with Art.”

Where do you draw inspiration from when creating a new collection?

“I draw my inspiration from the memories I have as a teen because I always had a lot of ideas as a teenager. However, at that time I did not have the skill to bring it to fruition, so I always go back to my archive when I am creating to find inspiration. In regards, to brands, I look up to, my favourite brands are Atto Tetteh, Maison Margiela and Alexander McQueen to name a few.”

What advice would you give to aspiring designers who are trying to make it in the industry?

“One thing I will always say to aspiring designers is that they should create from within and not from what they see on the internet. As there will always be a high chance of you coming up with the same idea as another designer if you always look to the internet for inspiration. There are several places and activities you can engage in to get inspired and create, and the internet is not the best place if you want to create something authentic. I would also encourage them to spend a lot of time polishing their craft because people cannot ignore you when you’re best at what you do.”

If you could change one thing about the fashion industry in Africa what would it be, and why?

“Personally, I think there has not been enough noise when it comes to fashion in Africa and due to this a lot of creatives are anonymous, even though there are talented people within in the industry. I still have hope that in some few years to come even if the fashion hype is not on the same level as music at least it would get the hype it deserves.”

What does the future look like, what can we expect to see from you in 2021?

“Funnily enough, I completed my 3 yrs service as a tailor’s apprentice this year so there has been a lot of opportunities since then. Which came to me as a surprise although I knew I deserved it, I was expecting these opportunities next year as I was getting organized to officially kick off my career as a Designer; but things moved fast for me. Next year looks good! I will be more prepared and organised trusting the experience I had from the industry this year, I am confident that next year is going to be wonderful, people should expect a lot from my camp.”

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