Dating whilst Social Distancing: Ways To Keep Your Romance Alive.

Dating whilst Social Distancing: Ways To Keep Your Romance Alive.

Is Social Distancing Killing Your Dating Life? Find Out Ways To Keep Your Romance Alive Below!

Whilst the whole world seems to have slowed down and social distancing is urgently being put into practice. Your dating life may seem like it’s been put on hold for an indefinite amount of time. But don’t worry there is still hope! While there are many ways to strike up a new romance online. It’s a little more difficult to think of ways to actually keep it going and exciting. Whether you have just started speaking to someone or trying to keep your love life alive with a special someone who isolating with their family. Here are some ideas on keeping that budding romance growing. 

  1. Watch A Movie Together 

Schedule a time and press play at the same time. Movie Nights don’t have to go away just because you’re not in the same room. Schedule a call or Netflix Party and binge on your favourite shows or movies.  

2. Go For A Walk Around Your Neighbourhood (2 Meters Away from Other Social Distancers) And Speak To Your Date On The Phone 

Plugin your earphones and go for a leisurely stroll around your area. Whilst we are still able to leave our houses, take in some fresh air and find a quiet spot to chat with your date. 

3. Get Dressed Up 

If you’re lucky enough to be self-isolating in your own home, break into your closet and put on that dress you were saving for a special occasion. Impress your date with your impeccable style and re-create a candlelight dinner date via skype. 

4. Cook Together 

Well…not together but put the phone on face time and you’ve got yourself a cooking buddy. Raid the fridge for similar ingredients and together create a dish for dinner. You can take this further by setting the table and eating together. 

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